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Renewing Troy — recurrent inspiration:
Troy ...  Rome ... London ...

Nietzschean tension: archer, city, trainyard

You are well ventured to Odysseus' gates
into many-layered Troynovant,
the city of nobly recurring knowledge.

Open book, quill pen

You promised once, a progeny divine
Of Romans, rising from the Trojan line,
In after times should hold the world in awe,
And to the land and ocean give the law.

  The Aeneid

For noble Britons sprang from Trojans bold,
And Troynovant was built of Troyes' ashes cold.

  Edmund Spenser
  The Faerie Queene

In these great times
which I knew when they were this small ...

  Karl Kraus
  In These Great Times
  Vienna, November 1914

What is Truth? said jesting Pilate;
and would not stay for an answer.

  Francis Bacon
  The Essays: Of Truth

The history of mankind
would be far too stupid a thing
if it had not had
the intellect of the powerless
injected into it: —

Friedrich Nietzsche
First Essay, #7
On the Genealogy of Morality

Girl with red hat, books (Alice Luella Fidler)

Knight's moves
into the Interior:

Gravity at Troynovant
gravitation & contragravity:
applied, shaped, & redirected
Switchboard Girls
with Gas Masks

Calm and Secret Heroism
Pilots' Proverbs
Parental Wisdom
Brought Down to Earth
Reckless Love
Elizabeth Lowell
(Ann Maxwell)
The Big Chill
Corruption swims within Cynicism,
as fattening fish
within their nurturing sea.

Maxims for Despots
The Sly Tyrant's Handbook

Many Volumes of Good Wishes   


Expectations, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1885

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