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Two books Herein we propose and advance a cultural stratigraphy, exploring and delineating a few layers and textures of the human mind which we visualize as Troynovant: the city of nobly recurring knowledge.

About our overlayered structure for this Troy-town maze of cultural stratigraphy — at Troynovant an entry is a review of book or story, of film or reel or soundie, if largely about a particular title; a glance or counterpoint to an article or curiosity is an illuminant; a folly mines a vein of humor, or if more pointed a satire; a memoir is a firsthand reminiscence; a postcard showcases a flat-carded Scene of Passage; a compilation gathers quotations stoking Trains of Thought; otherwise generally an essay.

Our New Troy rejoices in the innocence of becoming, as the philosophers say: a Renewing Troy. The medieval proverb says that Stadtluft macht frei, or city air makes one free — a citizen freed from serfdom; but we suggest more simply, Luft macht frei: determinedly breathing free air maintains our continuing city of recurrent inspiration.

Whom the gods would enlighten they first teach to read.

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Robert Wilfred Franson, editor


Informative & Entertaining:
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Essays, A-L
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Memoirs: Personal History, personally told

Follies: whimsical ventures
Postcards: flat-carded Scenes of Passage
Satires: a point or a quiver-full

Illuminants: glances brightening to heat
Compilations: quotations stoking Trains of Thought


Other approaches to our material:
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Strata: the topical Troad, an alternate Contents
Regions: spheres & cultures of the extended Troad, an alternate Contents
Personae: emanant Olympians, an alternate Contents

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Series

Refreshers: periodically auto-updated photos and data
Surprises: flashes & blinks from assorted items at Troynovant
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Book reviews by Author, M-R
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Book reviews by Title, A-B
Book reviews by Title, C-F
Book reviews by Title, G-L
Book reviews by Title, M-R
Book reviews by Title, S-Z

Film reviews by Title
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DHF, RWF at Potrero War

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      Robert W. Franson
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      research  (2001)

Troynovant site — opened August 2001.

Against the shortsighted. — Do you think this work must be fragmentary because I give it to you (and have to give it to you) in fragments?

Friedrich Nietzsche
Assorted Opinions and Maxims, #128

Seek the whole truth and through the maze
of dangerous and delightful days
follow the thread that yet can save
and guide through the deceitful cave
where minotaurs, confronted, fail,
into bare light, which sets us free.

Jack Lindsay
"To my daughter Helen", prelude to
Helen of Troy
Woman and Goddess

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Most illustrations are scanned, cleaned, and optimized by Franson Publications; a few scans are from publishers or elsewhere. Photo of reviewers above courtesy of Sir Ryan Greenoak (Ray Ford). Renewing Troy (home page) painting is "Expectations" (1885) by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

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