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At Troynovant we are more interested in excellent or distinctive work than the merely timely or fashionable. Quality is always in season, and often more topical and entertaining than currency or fashion admit. Thus, we aim to refer and amuse, rather than to announce and forget. We avoid spoiling surprises in reviews that recommend; other works take their chances.

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Postcards by Title
  flat-carded Scenes of Passage:
  in the older manner sent & reviewed in Private
  though carried by the Public post
  [added link]

Notes to a Proofreader
  Offhandedly Noticing at Troynovant
  whence our concern with Non-Proofreading,
  or Creative Typography;
  despite, or because, their name is Legion
  [revised text]
RW Franson

Jennifer M. Franson
  Troynovant contributor
  [updated link]
Fritz Leiber at Troynovant
Hillerman Country
  A Journey through the Southwest
  [added link]
Tony Hillerman
  & Barney Hillerman
RW Franson
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series
  [added quotation]
Fritz Leiber RW Franson

Complete Fiction, The
  [added link]
H. P. Lovecraft RW Franson
Philosophy at Troynovant
  nature of existence; history of ideas
  [added links for Raphael's The School of Athens]
Bread Overhead Fritz Leiber RW Franson
Fritz Leiber at Troynovant
Last Letter, The
  [minor revisions]
Fritz Leiber RW Franson
Shadow of the Ship, The [1983 edition]
  [added link]
Robert Wilfred Franson WH Stoddard
Heinlein's Missed Bestsellers
  [updated link]
RW Franson
Sixth Column
  [added bibliographic info, links]
Robert A. Heinlein R Grube
Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century
  Volume 1, 1907-1948: Learning Curve
  [updated link]
William H. Patterson, Jr. RW Franson
Oops — Hitler!
  A Surprise in Context
  [added link]
RW Franson

Self-Published Authors
  in the Printed-Paper Era
  [added entry]
RW Franson
  A Tale of Arabia
F. Marion Crawford RW Franson
Shadow of the Ship, The [Revised Edition] Robert Wilfred Franson RJ Ford
  the happy interregnum betwixt war & war
  [added photos]
Duesenberg Automobiles
WR Franson

Sphinx Daybreak Robert Wilfred Franson RJ Ford
Where the Red Fern Grows
  [added links]
Wilson Rawls RW Franson
Chip, the Dam Builder Jim Kjelgaard RW Franson
Eugene Post Office, The
  Eugene, Oregon 1949-1956
  [added & updated links]
WR Franson
Too Many Women
Rex Stout RW Franson
Time at Troynovant
  temporal philosophy and travel
  [added quotation]
Time and Time Again H. Beam Piper RW Franson
Accidental Tryst Natasha Boyd RW Franson
Dreams of Albert Moreland, The Fritz Leiber RW Franson

  air & space travel & development
  [added quotation]
  memory, remembering, & fame
  [added link]
Crazy Good
  The True Story of Dan Patch,
  the Most Famous Horse in America
Charles Leerhsen RW Franson
Pleasant Profession of Robert A. Heinlein, The Farah Mendlesohn WH Stoddard

Scofflaw: Prohibited Anachronism?
  Overflight Textual Note

RW Franson
Heinlein Story and Novel Collections
  [deleted link]
RW Franson
Citizen of the Galaxy Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
Sphinx Daybreak Robert Wilfred Franson D Ludwig
  [added link]
Augustus Mandrell series
  (the Commissions)
  [added in-print editions]
Frank McAuliffe RW Franson

Bookstore Memories
  Stores Gone but not Forgotten
  in Southern California
  [added bookstore]

RW Franson
Reversible Klondike
  Alternate History Solitaire
  [added note]
RW Franson
Reviewing versus Bookselling
  or, Not Selling Books Here
  [added info]
RW Franson
Sphinx Daybreak Robert Wilfred Franson DM Sandin

Role of Business and the Virtuous Cycle of Progress
  in Robert Heinlein's 'Methuselah's Children', The

G Stolyarov II
Mr. Bookish Blows His Horn
  The Call to Reading
  [added follow-on]
RW Franson
From the Dardanelles to Oran
  Studies of the Royal Navy in War and Peace
Arthur J. Marder RW Franson
Privacy Policy
  A Balm for the bombproof
Disclaimers and Dedications
  enter as a small Prologue, disarmingly
  [added quotation]
RW Franson
Door into Summer, The
  [added text, link]
Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson

Robert A. Heinlein at Troynovant
  [added link]
Dear Santa Joseph Priestley / Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, Emma Duke JM Franson
Just City, The Jo Walton WH Stoddard
Conservations with Nietzsche
  A Life in the Words of His Contemporaries
Sander L. Gilman RW Franson
Redemption Cairn Stanley G. Weinbaum RW Franson
Witches of Karres, The James H. Schmitz RW Franson
Antiquity at Troynovant
  ancient times;
  Classical world & worldview:
  base and noble people, events, ideas
  [added & updated links for Raphael's The School of Athens]
  games, sports, strategy, tactics
  [added link]
Maxims for Despots
  from The Sly Tyrant's Handbook
  [added aphorism]
RW Franson

Shadow of the Ship, The [Revised Edition] Robert Wilfred Franson DM Sandin
Tolkien and the Great War
  The Threshold of Middle Earth
  [added link]
John Garth WH Stoddard
Rocket Ship Galileo
  [added link]
Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
Banners for Constitutionalists
  from The Sly Tyrant's Handbook
  [added paragraph]
RW Franson
Breathers at Troynovant
  lifeforms & biologic processes:
  wildlife & pets, evolution & ecology,
  health, medicine, & disease
  [added link]
Blessing Way, The Tony Hillerman RW Franson
You Can't Say That
  The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties
  from Antidiscrimination Laws
  [updated link]
David E. Bernstein RW Franson
Weight of the Evidence, The Michael Innes RW Franson
On the Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions
  Springfield, Illinois: 27 January 1838
Abraham Lincoln RW Franson

Closing of the American Mind, The
  How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy
  and Impoverished the Souls of Today's Students
Allan Bloom RW Franson
At Death's End
  [added bibliographic info, link]
James Blish RW Franson
Water Is for Washing
  [added captions, links]
Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
Cell-Phone Spyware
  The View from 1969
RW Franson
Fifty Shades
  Fifty Shades of Grey
  Fifty Shades Darker
  Fifty Shades Freed
E L James RW Franson
Shadow of the Ship, The [Revised Edition] Robert Wilfred Franson G Stolyarov II
Shadow of the Ship, The
  [added Revised Edition info, Lofting Agency link]
Robert Wilfred Franson WH Stoddard
Death is Wrong Gennady Stolyarov II RW Franson
Man and Superman George Bernard Shaw RW Franson

Oomphel in the Sky H. Beam Piper RW Franson
Good Rockin' Tonight
  Sun Records & the Birth of Rock 'n' Roll
  [added links]
Colin Escott
  & Martin Hawkins
RW Franson
Where is Tom Swift, Now that We Need Him?
  [added link]
R Grube
Devil's Disciple, The George Bernard Shaw RW Franson
Self-Published Authors
  in the Printed-Paper Era
  [added example]
RW Franson
Sargasso of Space Andre Norton RW Franson
  [added link]
Connie Willis RW Franson
Christie Johnstone Charles Reade RW Franson

Law at Troynovant
  legal institutions, juries;
  lawmen, law enforcement
  [added quotation, updated link]
Local Habitation and a Name, A
  the inspiration of words by reality
  [added quotation]
Space Cadet Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
Transparent Society, The
  Will Technology Force Us to Choose
  Between Privacy and Freedom?
  [added & updated links]
David Brin RW Franson
  "The Ring of Gyges"
  & the Cesspool of Injustice
  [updated link]
NG Britton
Emerson's Nature and Self-Reliance
  A Biographical Sketch
NG Britton
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 31 March 1944
VH Franson
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 30 March 1944
VH Franson
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 29 March 1944
VH Franson
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 27 March 1944
VH Franson

Driving Past the Pentagon
  Washington, D.C. 9-11-2001
  [added link]
J Kelly
Atlas Shrugged as Science Fiction
  Two Reviews in Astounding, 1958
  [added note]
RW Franson
Anthem Ayn Rand RW Franson
Songs of Love and Grief
  (translated by Walter Arndt)
  [updated link]
Heinrich Heine RW Franson
Quartered Safe Out Here
  A Recollection of the War in Burma
  [February-August 1945]
George MacDonald Fraser RW Franson
Sons of the Pioneers
  Music on Your Desktop
  [added link]
RW Franson
Micah Clarke A. Conan Doyle RW Franson
Spanish Gold George A. Birmingham RW Franson
War Before Civilization
  [added some words; slight rearrangement]
Lawrence H. Keeley RW Franson
Constitutionalists' Shadow Cabinet, A
  Focusing & Rallying Pro-Constitution Forces
RW Franson

Lightning-Rod Man, The Herman Melville RW Franson
Busing —Not Integration— Opposed
  Invoke Our Color-Blind Constitution to End It
E Enstrom, Jr.
Liberate Public Schools
  from Government by Lawsuit
E Enstrom, Jr.
Parental Handbook
  For Parents Dedicated to Local Control
  of Public Education of Children
  According to the Constitution
E Enstrom, Jr.
My Grandfather's Son
  A Memoir
  [added link]
Clarence Thomas RW Franson
Solar Lottery Philip K. Dick RW Franson
Born in a Lighthouse
  Escanaba, Michigan 1888
  [added link]
ER Franson
Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, The
  A Complete Catalog
  [added links]
William Allin Storrer RW Franson
Dead Giveaway Randall Garrett RW Franson
Our Accretive Creation, the Man of Steel
  America's "Superman" Myth
K Spell

Livelong at Troynovant
  longevity & immortality
  [added link]
Murder Will Out
  (The Purple Hieroglyph)
Murray Leinster RW Franson
Wailing Asteroid, The
  [added link]
Murray Leinster RW Franson
Queen of Dances
  Waltz observations by master writers
  [added footnote]
Laodicean, A
  or, The Castle of the De Stancys.
  A Story of To-Day.
Thomas Hardy RW Franson
Summer-Witch Catherine Mintz RW Franson
Logic Named Joe, A
  [added a detail]
Murray Leinster RW Franson
John Galt, Man of Letters
  [added a detail]
RW Franson

Economics and the Public Welfare
  A Financial and Economic History
  of the United States, 1914-46
Benjamin M. Anderson RW Franson
Armistice Day Proclamation, Massachusetts
  Glimpse, 11 November 1919
Calvin Coolidge RW Franson
ReFuture at Troynovant
  history of science fiction
  & progress of fantasy
  [added quotation]
Lunar Fictions from Earthbound Imaginations
  Advice to Writers, 1959
RW Franson
Coining at Troynovant
  quantifying value into commodity;
  true coin, false coin, enterprise & economics
  [added quotation]
General, The
  [added caption, quote, link]
Buster Keaton RW Franson
Vera Howe Franson
  [new Contributor index]
Constitution at Troynovant
  American founding documents,
  Declaration of Independence
  & U.S. Constitution
  [added photo, links]
Question of Identity, A
or Who are you? Who, who, are you?
K Spell
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 8 March 1944
  [added illustration]
VH Franson

To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 26 March 1944
VH Franson
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 21 March 1944
VH Franson
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 14 March 1944
VH Franson
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 13 March 1944
VH Franson
To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 19 April 1944
VH Franson
Alcohol Plant
  Springfield, Oregon 1947
  [added a few rediscovered sentences]
WR Franson
Peace Offering, The Saki RW Franson
Lalage's Lovers George A. Birmingham RW Franson
Girls und Panzer Tsutomu Mizushima WH Stoddard

Rhetoric or Else
  persuasive speech, or — ?
  [added quotation]
Palin Ahead of the Curve on Rare Earth Metals
  [added link]
W Pitcher
Mix Pictures of the Mind
  the light of evening
  [added quotation]
Demigoddess of the Mind
  James H. Schmitz's heroine
  Telzey Amberdon
  [added note]
RW Franson
Midsummer Century James Blish RW Franson
Sudetenland and Anti-Nazi Options
  Points on Central Europe, 1936-1938
RW Franson
United 93
  [added link]
Paul Greengrass CB Kurtz
Buying Books Online
  Used-Book Standards and Surprises,
  or Ploys Pleasant and Unpleasant
RW Franson
Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, An David Hume WH Stoddard
Big Bounce, The
  [added bibliographic data]
Walter S. Tevis RW Franson

Trojan Horse Laugh John D. MacDonald RW Franson
Hitler's Shattered Dream, 1932
  [added link]
RW Franson
In Which Our Revels Are Not Ended K Spell
Never Underestimate Theodore Sturgeon RW Franson
Rock in the Baltic, A Robert Barr RW Franson
Cunard Steamship Company
  Aquitania, Mauretania, Lusitania
  Glimpse, March 1915
Guise at Troynovant
  masks, disguise & camouflage;
  roles, acting, reenactment
  [added quotation]
Northern Pacific Railway
  Observation-Library Car
  Glimpse, 1906
Breakfast in Phoenix with the Heinleins
  Phoenix 1977
K Spell

Victor Talking Machine Co.
  The Fireside Theatre
  Glimpse, September 1907
Adventures of Sally, The P. G. Wodehouse RW Franson
Marathon Victory Announcement Committee, The
  Classical News Before It's Old
RW Franson
Homer's Contest
  [added link]
Friedrich Nietzsche RW Franson
Mightiest Machine, The
  [added quotation]
John W. Campbell R Grube
Pamphlet reviews by Title
  [added link]
Of Cats and Freaks K Spell
  Troy traveling, to and again recurring
  [added quotation]
By Ships Alone
  Churchill and the Dardanelles
  [added note, link]
Jeffrey D. Wallin RW Franson

Western and the West, The K Spell
Firm of Girdlestone, The A. Conan Doyle RW Franson
Open Bookcases
  [added illustration]
RC Benchley
Weapon Shop series
  [added illustration]
A. E. van Vogt RW Franson
Transport at Troynovant
  ships, trains, autos, aircraft, spacecraft
  [added links]
Shattered Sword
  The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway
  [added illustration]
Jonathan B. Parshall
  & Anthony P. Tully
RW Franson
War Against the Weak
  Eugenics and America's Campaign
  to Create a Master Race
  [added links]
Edwin Black SE Jordan
Nazi-Communist Partnership
  Elective Affinities, Offensive Alliances
  [added links]
RW Franson

Reichstag Fire, The
  Legend and Truth
  [added link]
Fritz Tobias RW Franson
Cultural Literacy
  What Every American Needs to Know
  [added illustration, paragraph, links]
E. D. Hirsch, Jr. RW Franson
Things Pass By Murray Leinster RW Franson
Eternal Now, The Murray Leinster RW Franson
Logical Leap, The
  Induction in Physics
David Harriman WH Stoddard
Stolyarov's Wager
  An Atheist's Response to Pascal's Wager
G. Stolyarov II
Fourth-of-July Fireworks!
  Red rats and whistling chasers
  [added illustration]
JM Franson
Solar at Troynovant
  Solar System in general,
  Sun, multiple planets
  [added quotation]

Complete Fiction, The H. P. Lovecraft RW Franson
Anatomy of an Epidemic
  Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs,
  and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America
Robert Whitaker SE Jordan
Advice to Sarah Palin From the Know-It-Alls
  A Satirical Journey
  [added link]
Nicole O. Coulter RW Franson
Weapontake at Troynovant
  weapons, martial arts;
  gun rights, freedom of self-defense
  [added link]
Siege of Vienna, The
  [updated link]
John Stoye RW Franson
Risk to Seize, A NG Britton
Prometheus Bound, but good CL Spark
Why the Mailman Cuts Across Your Lawn
  and Other Programmers' Shortcuts
  [added quotation]
RW Franson

Death of a Doxy
  [Nero Wolfe & Archie Goodwin]
  [appended film note to novel review]
Rex Stout / Timothy Hutton / Maury Chaykin, Kari Matchett RW Franson
In Search of Wonder
  Essays on Modern Science Fiction
  [added section]
Damon Knight RW Franson
Revamping the Justice System
  Channeling Responsibility
KW Siegemund
Undefeated, The
  [added photo, links]
Sarah Palin / Stephen Bannon S Drake
We Threw the Astrolabe at a Badger ...
  Judges' Notes from the Medieval Science Fair
  [added illustration]
JM Franson,
RW Franson
Gypsy Princess versus Blitz
  San Diego 2001
  [added illustration]
RW Franson
Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe, The
  [added link]
Sydney Anglo WH Stoddard


Alexander (Cressida's servant):

The noise goes this: there is among the Greeks
A lord of Trojan blood, nephew to Hector;
They call him Ajax.


                          Good, and what of him? ...


This man, lady, hath robbed many beasts of their particular additions: he is as valiant as the lion, churlish as the bear, slow as the elephant — a man into whom nature hath so crowded humours that his valour is crushed into folly, his folly farced with discretion. There is no man hath a virtue that he hath not a glimpse of, nor any man an attaint but he carries some stain of it. ...

William Shakespeare
Troilus and Cressida, 1.2.12-23


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