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Thinking in time, moving in time. It is difficult to exist in spacetime without thereby being in time, or to write about anything not possessing duration: time seems basic and essential. What we list here are not history nor memory nor memoir, not the nature of speculation nor even future history, but works which engage or somehow entangle themselves with time as a dynamic force, perhaps even with the innocence of becoming.

Chiron [the Centaur] to Faust,
  responding to a query about Helen of Troy:

                      Philologists, I see,
have swathed your mind, like theirs, in pedantry.
A myth-born female is a thing apart,
Steps forth as needed by the poet's art,
Never of age nor over age,
At ever appetizing stage,
Abducted young, wooed in senescence yet,
Unbound by chronometric etiquette.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"Classical Walpurgis Night: On the Lower Peneios"
Faust, Part II, 7426-7433
translated by Walter Arndt

Complete Paratime, The H. Beam Piper RW Franson
Court Will Begin at Half-Way Terce
  Keeping Time in High Medieval Europe
A Farrell
Crossroads of Time, The Andre Norton RW Franson

Darker Than You Think Jack Williamson WH Stoddard
Dear Charles Murray Leinster RW Franson
Door into Summer, The Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson

Eternal Now, The Murray Leinster RW Franson

  A Tragedy
  (translated by Walter Arndt)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe RW Franson

Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything, The John D. MacDonald RW Franson

He Walked Around the Horses H. Beam Piper RW Franson
House on the Borderland, The William Hope Hodgson RW Franson

Inn Connie Willis RW Franson

Jack of Eagles James Blish RW Franson

Lincoln Hunters, The Wilson Tucker RW Franson
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen H. Beam Piper RW Franson
Lost in Translation Rosel George Brown RW Franson

Poker Face Theodore Sturgeon RW Franson

Quincunx of Time, The James Blish RW Franson

Reversible Klondike
  Alternate History Solitaire
RW Franson

Shadow of the Ship, The
  [ ==> Overflight at Troynovant ]
Robert Wilfred Franson   

Tale of Two Clocks, A James H. Schmitz RW Franson
Theory of Elementary Waves, The
  A New Explanation of Fundamental Physics
Lewis E. Little DM Sandin
Things Pass By Murray Leinster RW Franson
Time and Time Again H. Beam Piper RW Franson
Timescape Gregory Benford DL Franson
To Say Nothing of the Dog Connie Willis RW Franson

Weapon Shop series A. E. van Vogt RW Franson

Yesterday Was Monday Theodore Sturgeon RW Franson



                        Every time
Serves for the matter that is then born in't.

William Shakespeare
Antony and Cleopatra, 2.2.9-10

United States Naval Observatory's
Julian Date Converter

Mix Pictures of the Mind
the light of evening

Remembrance at Troynovant
memory, remembering, & fame


[One traveler] ... on his first voyage, was a good deal worried by the constantly changing "ship-time." He was proud of his new watch at first, and used to drag it out promptly when eight bells struck at noon, but he came to look after a while as if he were losing confidence in it. ...

The ship was gaining a full hour every three days [sailing East], and this fellow was trying to make his watch go fast enough to keep up to her. But ... he had pushed the regulator up as far as it would go, and the watch was "on its best gait," and so nothing was left him but to fold his hands and see the ship beat the race. We sent him to the captain, and he explained to him the mystery of "ship-time," ... This young man asked a great many questions about seasickness before we left, and wanted to know what its characteristics were, and how he was to tell when he had it. He found out.

Mark Twain
The Innocents Abroad


"Of course not! That’s nonsense! If one knew the future, one could change it, and then it wouldn’t be what one knew! You haven’t had any prophecies from me! Prophecy’s absurd! All we’ve told you is about events whose probability approaches unity.”
Murray Leinster
Talents, Incorporated (1962)

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