Robert A. Heinlein, L. Sprague de Camp, Isaac Asimov at Philadelphia Navy Yard, 1944 ReFuture at Troynovant:
reflections on the history of science fiction
(the nostalgic days of a great future)
and the progress of fantasy
(the open field beyond the gate);
listed by Title

Our concept of the History of Science Fiction may not closely match anyone else's view. We do want especially to convey that it is a rich and complex history, a self-conscious creation of the modern, creative, pro-individual, technological and forward-looking West. And that science fiction is precisely the literature which helps us to look forward and to manage our potential futures.

Our related concept of the Progress of Fantasy is that works of myth and fancy and dream which are most thoughtful and noblest in intention, must inherently and inevitably seek — through evocation of the timeless — to carry the past into the present and to shape the real futures before us.

A more pressing problem — it was the one Tolkien continually faced — was that of converting image into story. John Rateliff has suggested ... in [Flieger & Hostetter's] Tolkien's 'Legendarium', that the famous discussion of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien (recorded most clearly in [Tolkien's] Letters p. 378) to write a story each, the one about space-travel, the other about time-travel, was triggered by Lewis's reading of Charles Williams and realization that it was possible to write such a thing as a 'philosophical thriller'. ...

Mr. Rateliff argues that Tolkien was getting there, and that the story might have succeeded as a 'philosophical thriller' if Tolkien's attention and his energies had not been drawn off by the many problems connected with getting The Hobbit into print, in 1937, but the contrast with Lewis's companion-piece is not encouraging. Five thousand words into Out of the Silent Planet, its hero has been kidnapped and is on a space-ship heading for Mars on a mission of conquest. Five thousand words into 'The Lost Road' and the characters are still considering the history of languages, the story as yet invisible.

T. A. Shippey
J.R.R. Tolkien:
Author of the Century

Amazing Stories, 1926-1995
  An Obituary, with an Aside on Buck Rogers
DL Franson
Anthem Ayn Rand RW Franson
Argonauts of the Air, The H. G. Wells RW Franson
Atlas Shrugged as Science Fiction
  Two Reviews in Astounding, 1958
RW Franson

Beast of Yucca Flats, The Coleman Francis / Tor Johnson RW Franson
Breakfast in Phoenix with the Heinleins
  Phoenix 1977
K Spell
Buck Rogers
  The First 60 Years in the 25th Century
Lorraine Dille Williams DL Franson

Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book Michael Barrier RW Franson
Charles Fort:
  Prophet of the Unexplained
Damon Knight RW Franson

Doors of His Face,
  the Lamps of His Mouth, The
Roger Zelazny RW Franson

Eternal Now, The Murray Leinster RW Franson
Explorers of the Infinite
  Shapers of Science Fiction
Sam Moskowitz RW Franson

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series Fritz Leiber RW Franson
Federation of the Hub, The
  Self-Maintaining Science Fiction Universe
JH Schmitz
Finding Serenity
  Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds
  and Space Hookers
  in Joss Whedon's Firefly
Jane Espenson RW Franson
For Us, the Living Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
For Us, the Living Robert A. Heinlein WH Stoddard
Future History series Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson

Goldfish Bowl Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
Gulf Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson

Harlan Ellison's Watching Harlan Ellison RW Franson
Heinlein's Missed Bestsellers RW Franson
Hobbyist Eric Frank Russell RW Franson
Horatius at Khazad-dum WH Stoddard

Immortal Storm, The
  A History of Science Fiction Fandom
Sam Moskowitz RW Franson
In Search of Wonder
  Essays on Modern Science Fiction
Damon Knight RW Franson
In Which Our Revels Are Not Ended K Spell
  "The Ring of Gyges"
  & the Cesspool of Injustice
NG Britton
Is Atlas Shrugging? Ayn Rand RW Franson

Let There Be Light Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
Lunar Fictions from Earthbound Imaginations
  Advice to Writers, 1959
RW Franson

  [as a failed science-fiction story]
William Shakespeare DL Franson
Man Who Traveled in Elephants, The  Robert A. Heinlein  RW Franson
Martian Odyssey, A Stanley G. Weinbaum  RW Franson
Misfit Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson

Our Accretive Creation, the Man of Steel
  America's "Superman" Myth
K Spell

Pictorial History of Science Fiction David Kyle RW Franson
Pleasant Profession of Robert A. Heinlein, The Farah Mendlesohn WH Stoddard
Psychohistorical Crisis Donald Kingsbury WH Stoddard

Redemption Cairn Stanley G. Weinbaum RW Franson
Robert A. Heinlein
  A Reader's Companion
James Gifford RW Franson
Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century
  Volume 1, 1907-1948: Learning Curve
William H. Patterson, Jr. RW Franson
Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century
  Volume 1, 1907-1948: Learning Curve
William H. Patterson, Jr. WH Stoddard
Robert Heinlein Interview, The
  and Other Heinleiniana
J. Neil Schulman RW Franson
Rocket Belts' Slow Liftoff RW Franson

Science Fiction Ideas & Dreams David Kyle RW Franson
Secret of the League, The Ernest Bramah RW Franson
Serenity Joss Whedon WH Stoddard
Sinister Barrier Eric Frank Russell RW Franson
So I Jumped Into the Alien Vehicle
  A Turnabout Suspension of Disbelief
DL Franson

Tipping Off the Future
  or, Knowing the Unknown
DL Franson
Tolkien and the Great War
  The Threshold of Middle Earth
John Garth WH Stoddard
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne WH Stoddard

Unwilling Hero, The L. Ron Hubbard RW Franson

Variable Star Robert A. Heinlein
  & Spider Robinson
WH Stoddard

Wailing Asteroid, The Murray Leinster RW Franson
Why Teenage Girls Love Vampires
  Hayashi's Theory
SK Hayashi


— correspondence —

To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 19 April 1944
VH Franson

[Inverness, Macbeth's castle.]

Lady Macbeth {to Macbeth}:
Thy letters have transported me beyond
This ignorant present, and I feel now
The future in the instant.
William Shakespeare
Macbeth, 1.5.54-56

Knowledge's lure. — A look through the portal of science affects passionate spirits like the magic of all magic; and in the process such spirits presumably become fantasists or, under propitious circumstances, poets: so vehement is their craving for the happiness of the knowledgeable. Doesn't it course through all your senses — this tone of sweet allure with which science proclaimed its glad tidings, in a hundred phrases and in the hundred and first and fairest: "Let delusion disappear! Then 'woe is me!' will also have disappeared; and with the 'woe is me' the woe will also go." (Marcus Aurelius)

Friedrich Nietzsche
Thoughts on the Presumptions of Morality, #450
translated by Brittain Smith

Robert Heinlein: Murder Suspect
by Deb Houdek Rule & G. E. Rule:
Los Angeles science fiction
writers & fans in 1941,
as characters in
Anthony Boucher's novel
Rocket to the Morgue

  article reprinted at
  The Heinlein Society

photo, top right:
Robert A. Heinlein,
L. Sprague de Camp,
& Isaac Asimov:
Philadelphia Navy Yard

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The intellectual methods of science do not differ in kind from those applied by the common man in his daily mundane reasoning. The scientist uses the same tools which the layman uses; he merely uses them more skillfully and cautiously. Understanding is not a privilege of the historians. It is everybody's business. In observing the conditions of his environment everybody is a historian.

Everybody uses understanding in dealing with the uncertainty of future events to which he must adjust his own actions. The distinctive reasoning of the speculator is an understanding of the relevance of the various factors determining future events. And ... action necessarily always aims at future and therefore uncertain conditions and this is always speculation.

Acting man looks, as it were, with the eyes of a historian into the future.

Ludwig von Mises
"The Epistemological Problems", S.8
Human Action
A Treatise on Economics  (1949; 3rd edition 1966)
[emphasis added]

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