Luxembourg, 12 cantons, Jean and Josephine-Charlotte 1964-2000 Regions at Troynovant:
an alternate, Geographic Contents,
some index surveys or overviews
of spheres & cultures
of the extended Troad

These regions at Troynovant do not represent static territories with absolute boundaries. The named topics are alternate neighborhoods in Troy-town, seen from diverse perspectives. We look over a multicolor site map of many-regioned Troy of historical imagination — including its environs, the Troad; with its prospects, Troynovant. In relational-database terminology, our Regions are alternate views of the geographical structure. Gallant spheres and cultures of musical concord and discord in time and space, sounding our hunt for the days and centuries and eons of history.

Britain     British Empire & Commonwealth - history, geography, literature
Germany     Imperial Germany, Third Reich - history, geography, literature
Russia     Russian Empire, Soviet Union (USSR), & successor states - history, geography, literature

Europe     European peoples & culture - history, geography, literature

Luna     the Moon & Lunar exploration
Solar     Solar System in general, Sun, multiple planets

(We reckon that more regions will be surveyed.)

[A wood near Athens.]

Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons):
I was with Hercules and Cadmus once,
When in a wood of Crete they bayed the bear
With hounds of Sparta. Never did I hear
Such gallant chiding; for besides the groves,
The skies, the fountains, every region near
Seemed all one mutual cry. I never heard
So musical a discord, such sweet thunder.
William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream, 4.1.109-115

Postcard photo - Bird's-Eye View of Eugene, Oregon (small)



About our overlayered structure for this Troy-town maze of cultural stratigraphy — at Troynovant an entry is a review of book or story, of film or reel or soundie, if largely about a particular title; a glance or counterpoint to an article or curiosity is an illuminant; a folly mines a vein of humor, or if more pointed a satire; a memoir is a firsthand reminiscence; a postcard showcases a flat-carded Scene of Passage; a compilation gathers quotations stoking Trains of Thought; otherwise generally an essay.

Personae: an alternate Contents via emanant Olympians.


Genoa.— For a long while now I have been looking at this city, at its villas and pleasure gardens and the far-flung periphery of its inhabited heights and slopes. ... I see faces that belong to past generations; this region is studded with the images of bold and autocratic human beings. They have lived and wished to live on: that is what they are telling me with their houses, built and adorned to last for centuries and not for a fleeting hour; they were well-disposed toward life ... I keep seeing the builders, their eyes resting on everything near and far that they have built, and also on the city, the sea, and the contours of the mountains ... All this they want to fit into their plan and ultimately make their possession by making it part of their plan. This whole region is overgrown with this magnificent, insatiable selfishness of the lust for possessions and spoils; and even as these people refused to recognize any boundaries in distant lands and, thirsting for what was new, placed a new world beside the old one, each rebelled against each at home, too, and found a way to express his superiority and to lay between himself and his neighbor his personal infinity. Each once more conquered his homeland for himself by overwhelming it with his architectural ideas and refashioning it into a house that was a feast for his eyes.
Friedrich Nietzsche
The Gay Science, #291  (1882; 1887)
translated by Walter Kaufmann

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