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General privacy & security

Two books The privacy and security of our visitors to is important to all of us.

As do some other curious or eccentric websites, we occasionally analyze the data automatically collected in our server's log files. Data logged by our server includes each visitor's internet protocol (IP) address, internet service provider (ISP), the browser used to view our site, the time visited, and pages viewed.

We do not sell or share this information. In fact, years ago when Troynovant had passed a million page-reads, we realized that we'd become a little jaded about the numbers. Don't mistake this: we're very glad that so many people find something informative or entertaining at Troynovant; but we'd rather write than count.

We do not set or read cookies or Web beacons, or otherwise trace visitors.

Advertising & Pay-for-Placement

We do not provide advertising, affiliate, or direct-buy links. Please see Reviewing versus Bookselling; or, Not Selling Books Here.

What is chosen for review or otherwise referenced at Troynovant accords only with our desire and ability to place it here. We accept no monetary inducement for what is chosen.


[The Greek camp before Troy.]


                Of this my privacy
I have srong reasons.


                But 'gainst your privacy
The reasons are more potent and heroical.

William Shakespeare
Troilus and Cressida, 3.3.183-186


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