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To keep this sequence handier, from the main Contributors A-Z index we've separated out the extended Franson family and some other stalwarts.  * denotes contributors' collaboration.

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Cleven, Emma
             Telemark to Wisconsin
  The Kleven Family,
  Norwegian Immigrants to America
  1842-1843 and After

Franson, David H.
             Declaration of Independence & Constitution
             Firefly  *
  [dvd series]
Joss Whedon
             Forgotten Planet, The Murray Leinster
             King of the Texas Rangers  * English & Witney / Sammy Baugh / Duncan Renaldo
             Little Fuzzy H. Beam Piper
             Lord of the Rings, The [film]  *
  (with Balrog Eggs)
J.R.R. Tolkien / Peter Jackson
             Outlaw Josey Wales, The  * Clint Eastwood
             Serenity  * Joss Whedon
             Snow Dog Jim Kjelgaard

Franson, Donald L.
             Aerial Cableway, Niagara Falls  *
  Postcard, 18 July 1936
             Amazing Stories, 1926-1995
  An Obituary, with an Aside on Buck Rogers
             Infield Fly Rule
  (Keep in mitt for reference)
  [as a failed science-fiction story]
William Shakespeare
             Mailomat, New York City
  Postcard, 16 September 1944
             So I Jumped Into the Alien Vehicle
  A Turnabout Suspension of Disbelief
             Street Fireworks in the 1920s
  Chicago, July 4th, circa 1925
             Sylmar Earthquake
  Los Angeles 1971
             Three-Day-Pass, A
  Paris, March 1945
             Timescape Gregory Benford
             Tipping Off the Future
  or, Knowing the Unknown
             Wiesbaden Stadtschloss
  Postcard, 18 July 1945
  Postcard, 8 September 1945

Franson, Edith Rose
             Born in a Lighthouse
  Escanaba, Michigan 1888

Franson, Jennifer Monroe
             [... has her own index: Jennifer M. Franson]

Franson, Robert    ("Big Bob")
             Badlands, South Dakota
  Postcard, 12 October 1931

Franson, Robert Wilfred    (Robert W. Franson / Bob Franson)
             [For reasons of ubiquity and modesty, items by your editor are not indexed here.]

Franson, Vera Howe   (Vera Franson)
             [... has her own index: Vera Howe Franson]

Franson, Wilfred R.   (Bill Franson)
             [... has his own index: Wilfred R. Franson]

             * denotes contributors' collaboration

[Southampton, a port in the south of England.]

King Harry:

            Come they of noble family?
Why so didst thou.

William Shakespeare
Henry V, 2.2.126-127

Open book, quill pen

Robert W. Franson in front of rose wall
at Chartwell, in Kent, Great Britain:
Winston S. Churchill's home 1922-1965.
photo by JMF

At Troynovant we are more interested in excellent or distinctive work than the merely timely or fashionable. Quality is always in season, and often more topical and entertaining than currency or fashion admit. Thus, we aim to refer and amuse, rather than to announce and forget. We avoid spoiling surprises in reviews that recommend; other works take their chances.


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