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To keep this sequence handier, from this main Contributors A-Z index we've separated out the extended Franson family and some other stalwarts. We are very glad of the opportunity to present fine work by these thoughtful writers.

Readers may notice that some contributors' inclusions antedate the founding of — although not the founding of Troy. We would not want you to think that these folks have crassly been volunteered; rather, we sense a more-or-less mutual spiritual affinity, and trust that their shades in Elysium will not object to whatever additional motes of glory we may bestow upon them.

Where the entry is for a review, the creator of the reviewed work — writer, editor, director, lead actor — is named in the right-hand column. For alternate sequences, see Book reviews by Author, or Book reviews by Title, our Recent updates, or others listed in the General Contents; below is by Contributor and Title.

Bastiat, Frederic
             Negative Railway, A

Benchley, Robert C.
             Open Bookcases

Benninghoff, Charles
             Do You Wish to Read My Mind?
  Mind Encryption is Here!

Berlin, Jeffrey B.
             bibliography of
    Johann Strauss, Father and Son
    A Century of Light Music
H. E. Jacob

Binkly, Gail
             Feminist Take on the Whole Star Wars Saga, A George Lucas

Britton, Natalie G.
             Emerson's Nature and Self-Reliance
  A Biographical Sketch
  "The Ring of Gyges"
  & the Cesspool of Injustice
             Risk to Seize, A

Brown, Afrocity
             Low Flying Planes, Subway Trains and Automobiles

Cook, Sunday
             Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Conran / Law / Paltrow / Jolie  

Cotter, Jim
             In My Opinion Here's Who Reads What
  Capsule Profiles of American Newspapers

Coulter, Nicole O.
             Bring Her Down
  How the American Media
  Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin
Gina Dalfonzo
             Playing Poker with Palin
             Post Office to Offer Appendix Removal on Saturdays

Cox, Anne L.
             Eats, Shoots & Leaves
  The Zero Tolerance Approach
  to Punctuation
Lynne Truss
             NASA Schooldays
  Houston, Texas

Drake, Stacy
             Undefeated, The Sarah Palin / Stephen Bannon

Enstrom, Elmer Jr.
             Busing —Not Integration— Opposed
  Invoke Our Color-Blind Constitution to End It
             Liberate Public Schools
  from Government by Lawsuit
             Parental Handbook
  For Parents Dedicated to Local Control
  of Public Education of Children
  According to the Constitution

Enstrom, Robert W.
             Under Heaven Guy Gavriel Kay

Farrell, April
             Court Will Begin at Half-Way Terce
  Keeping Time in High Medieval Europe

Farrell, Scott A.
             [... has his own index: Scott Farrell]

Ford, Raymond J.
             Shadow of the Ship, The [Revised Edition] Robert Wilfred Franson
             Sphinx Daybreak Robert Wilfred Franson

Franson  [various family members]
             [... have their own index: Franson family]

Glassman, Ifat
             Bad Ideas Made Powerful by Unidentified True Ones

Graham, Kathryn A.
             What's With These Apologies?
  Teaching Firearms as Useful Tools

Greenfield, Daniel    (Sultan Knish)
             Everything is Fake Now

Grube, Ron
             Black Star Passes, The John W. Campbell
             Inferno Larry Niven
  & Jerry Pournelle
             Invaders from the Infinite John W. Campbell
             Islands of Space John W. Campbell
             Lucifer's Hammer Larry Niven
  & Jerry Pournelle
             Mightiest Machine, The John W. Campbell
             Moon Is Hell, The John W. Campbell
             Sixth Column Robert A. Heinlein
             Stand, The Stephen King

Tom Swift series
  Where is Tom Swift, Now that We Need Him?

Victor Appleton
             We Also Walk Dogs Robert A. Heinlein

Hayashi, Stuart K.
             Why Teenage Girls Love Vampires
  Hayashi's Theory

Hunt, Lester H.
             Ayn Rand
  The Russian Radical
Chris Matthew Sciabarra
             Structural Aspects of Atlas Shrugged
             Thus Spoke Howard Roark
  The Transformation of Nietzschean Ideas
  in The Fountainhead

Iannolo, Jennifer L.
             Six Thousand Years of Bread
  Its Holy and Unholy History
H. E. Jacob

Jordan, Sarah Emily
             [... has her own index: Sarah Emily Jordan]

Kalescky, Carol
             Little Women Louisa May Alcott
             Lost in Google Earth
  or, Modern Geography

Karra, Ashok
             On Blake's 'The Tyger'

Kelly, Jack
             Driving Past the Pentagon
  Washington, D.C. 9-11-2001

Kurtz, C. Brooks
             Atlas Revived
             Good Night, and Good Luck Clooney / Strathairn / McCarthy
             Sarah From Alaska
  The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education
  of a New Conservative Superstar
Scott Conroy
  & Shushannah Walshe
             United 93 Paul Greengrass

Lopez, Billie Ann
             Our Famous Guest
  Mark Twain in Vienna
Carl Dolmetsch

Matkowska, Zaneta B.
             Picaro in Hitler's Europe, A Walter Arndt

McElroy, Wendy
             [... has her own index: Wendy McElroy]

Monroe, Paul L.
             Schooling by Rubber Hose
  Joetown, West Virginia, circa 1912

Myrdal, Janne
             Were It Not for America
  1940-1945 / 2011

Pitcher, Whitney
             Palin Ahead of the Curve on Rare Earth Metals

Presley, Sharon
             Exquisite Rebel
  Voltairine de Cleyre

             Basic Concepts of Government
  Rights, Federalism, and the Constitutional Republic

Resta, Karen
             Kitchen Romances
  The Constable and the Maid
             Lunchtime on Wall Street
  Love, Death, Food and Questions of Dress

Ross, Adrienne
             Flag Day Parades
  Hudson, New York

Sandin, Dean M.
             Shadow of the Ship, The [Revised Edition] Robert Wilfred Franson
             Sphinx Daybreak Robert Wilfred Franson
             Theory of Elementary Waves, The
  A New Explanation of Fundamental Physics
Lewis E. Little

Schmitz, James H.
             Federation of the Hub, The
  Self-Maintaining Science Fiction Universe

Siegemund, Karen W.
             Revamping the Justice System
  Channeling Responsibility

Smith, Phyllis T.
             Politics, Murder, and Love in Stalin's Kremlin
  The Story of Nikolai Bukharin and Anna Larina
Paul R. Gregory

Spark, Clare L.
             Prometheus Bound, but good

Spell, Kenneth
             Breakfast in Phoenix with the Heinleins
  Phoenix 1977
             In Which Our Revels Are Not Ended
             Of Cats and Freaks
             Our Accretive Creation, the Man of Steel
  America's "Superman" Myth
             Question of Identity, A
or Who are you? Who, who, are you?
             Western and the West, The

Stoddard, William H.
             [... has his own index: William H. Stoddard]

Stolyarov II, Gennady
             Ishmael Paradigm, The
  A Critique of Daniel Quinn's Ishmael
             Shadow of the Ship, The [Revised Edition] Robert Wilfred Franson
             Stolyarov's Wager
  An Atheist's Response to Pascal's Wager

Thoreau, Henry David
             Freedom of Speech

Thorp, Jo Ann K.
             Brown Hawk Down
  Abilene, Texas

Wills, Dennis G.
             Bookstore Questions and Answers

[A street in Padua, Italy.]


Why came I hither but to that intent?
Think you a little din can daunt mine ears?


Hortensio, hark.
This gentleman is happily arrived,
My mind presumes, for his own good and ours.


I promised we would be contributors,
And bear his charge of wooing, whatsoe'er.

William Shakespeare
The Taming of the Shrew, 1.2.193-194 & 207-211

At Troynovant we are more interested in excellent or distinctive work than the merely timely or fashionable. Quality is always in season, and often more topical and entertaining than currency or fashion admit. Thus, we aim to refer and amuse, rather than to announce and forget. We avoid spoiling surprises in reviews that recommend; other works take their chances.


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