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About our overlayered structure for this Troy-town maze of cultural stratigraphy — at Troynovant an entry is a review of book or story, of film or reel or soundie, if largely about a particular title; a glance or counterpoint to an article or curiosity is an illuminant; a folly mines a vein of humor, or if more pointed a satire; a memoir is a firsthand reminiscence; a postcard showcases a flat-carded Scene of Passage; a compilation gathers quotations stoking Trains of Thought; otherwise generally an essay.

Come, let us fill the platter with the skewered fruit.

Banners for Constitutionalists
  from The Sly Tyrant's Handbook
RW Franson
Berlese Pyramid, The
  Oppression Points Downward
RW Franson
Bookstore Questions and Answers DG Wills

Domain Name Bargains
  Alms for Oblivion
RW Franson

Flower Power
  Save a Breath for Nature
SE Jordan

High School Student Pursing Carrer RW Franson

In My Opinion Here's Who Reads What
  Capsule Profiles of American Newspapers
J Cotter

Jane Austen in the South Seas
  or, Centrifugal versus Centripetal Criticism
RW Franson

Laundry with Dogs
  A Green-Clean Solution
RW Franson
Lessons from Mystery Stories
  or, the Long-Lived Marplot
RW Franson

  [as a failed science-fiction story]
William Shakespeare DL Franson
Marathon Victory Announcement Committee, The
  Classical News Before It's Old
RW Franson
Maxims for Despots
  from The Sly Tyrant's Handbook
RW Franson

Negative Railway, A F Bastiat

Owl Cam
  The Watch-Owl at Work
RW Franson

Plants Clear the Air
  An Inconvenient Meeting on Climate Change
SE Jordan
Post Office to Offer Appendix Removal on Saturdays NO Coulter
Postage-Stamp Countries
  .cc - .to - .tv - .ws etc
RW Franson

Revamping the Justice System
  Channeling Responsibility
KW Siegemund

  In Prehistory, Folklore, and Culture
RW Franson
So I Jumped into the Alien Vehicle
  A Turnabout Suspension of Disbelief
DL Franson

1066: Changing the English Channel S Farrell
Thanksgiving Rolled Under
  Black Friday and Forwarding the Day
RW Franson
Tipping Off the Future
  or, Knowing the Unknown
DL Franson

  Postcard, 8 September 1945
DL Franson

[Athens. Theseus' palace.]


What masque, what music? How shall we beguile
The lazy time if not with some delight?


There is a brief how many sports are ripe.
Make choice of which your highness will see first.

Lysander [reads]:

'The battle with the centaurs, to be sung
By an Athenian eunuch to the harp.'


We'll none of that. That have I told my love
In glory of my kinsman Hercules.

Lysander [reads]:

'The riot of the tipsy bacchanals
Tearing the Thracian singer in their rage.'


That is an old device, and it was played
When I from Thebes came last a conqueror.

Lysander [reads]:

'The thrice-three muses mourning for the death
Of learning, late deceased in beggary.'


That is some satire, keen and critical,
Not sorting with a nuptial ceremony.

William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream, 5.1.40-55


[Earlier] assessments are quite mistaken. Stranger in a Strange Land is not a malformed example of a novel; rather, it is a perfectly formed example of a satire. Mis-identification of genre renders formal analysis unnecesarily complicated — and in this case renders it impossible.

William H. Patterson, Jr.
& Andrew Thornton

"Satire as a Literary Form"
The Martian Named Smith
Critical Perspectives on Robert A. Heinlein's
Stranger in a Strange Land

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