Illuminants at Troynovant:
counterpoint via sidelong illuminations,
or glances brightening to heat,
usually in reaction to a notable article, etc.
listed by Title Illuminator's instruments

About our overlayered structure for this Troy-town maze of cultural stratigraphy — at Troynovant an entry is a review of book or story, of film or reel or soundie, if largely about a particular title; a glance or counterpoint to an article or curiosity is an illuminant; a folly mines a vein of humor, or if more pointed a satire; a memoir is a firsthand reminiscence; a postcard showcases a flat-carded Scene of Passage; a compilation gathers quotations stoking Trains of Thought; otherwise generally an essay.

We all shine on —

Airbags & Gun Control S Farrell
AMA's Gun Policy
  Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?
S Farrell
Atlas Shrugged as Science Fiction
  Two Reviews in Astounding, 1958
RW Franson

Body in the Book, The VH Franson

Cell-Phone Spyware
  The View from 1969
RW Franson
Clouds of Dissolution
  The Insecurity of Interconnectivity,
  or Who Guards the Electronic Global Village?
RW Franson

Domain Name Bargains
  Alms for Oblivion
RW Franson
Draw Your Gun at School? S Farrell

High School Student Pursing Carrer RW Franson
Hitler's Shattered Dream, 1932 RW Franson

Jupiter Takes a Hit for the System
  Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impacts
  16-22 July 1994
RW Franson

Lovecraft as Astronomer RW Franson
Lunar Fictions from Earthbound Imaginations
  Advice to Writers, 1959
RW Franson

Mark Twain on the Insanity Defense RW Franson

Oxyrhynchus Papyri
  New Light on Ancient Texts
RW Franson

Palin Ahead of the Curve on Rare Earth Metals W Pitcher
Psychology and the Left
  An Awakening
SE Jordan

Reporters & Guns:
  1. Guns Aren't Psychic S Farrell
  2. Idiots Shouldn't Own Guns S Farrell
Rocket Belts' Slow Liftoff RW Franson

Statistics and Environmentalists
  The Case of Bjorn Lomborg
RW Franson

Titles for the Common Words
  Shakespearean Riches in a Little Room
RW Franson
Tribute to Franson's Motor News, A RW Franson

When is a Fish also a Sport? S Farrell

[A guard platform at Elsinore Castle, Denmark.]


Last night of all,
When yon same star that's westward from the pole
Had made his course t'illume that part of heaven
Where now it burns, Marcellus and myself,
The bell then beating one —

        [Enter the Ghost]

William Shakespeare
Hamlet, 1.1.33-37

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