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About our overlayered structure for this Troy-town maze of cultural stratigraphy — at Troynovant an entry is a review of book or story, of film or reel or soundie, if largely about a particular title; a glance or counterpoint to an article or curiosity is an illuminant; a folly mines a vein of humor, or if more pointed a satire; a memoir is a firsthand reminiscence; a postcard showcases a flat-carded Scene of Passage; a compilation gathers quotations stoking Trains of Thought; otherwise generally an essay.

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Algebra of John Maynard Keynes, The WH Stoddard
Amazing Stories, 1926-1995
  An Obituary, with an Aside on Buck Rogers
DL Franson
Anglo-American Title Changes
  Interior Translation in English
RW Franson,
JM Franson
As Good as The Lord of the Rings
  An Epic Failure of Comparison
RW Franson
Atlas Revived CB Kurtz
Augustus Mandrell series
  (the Commissions)
  Frank McAuliffe
RW Franson

Backyard Wildlife Mysteries JM Franson
Bad Ideas Made Powerful by Unidentified True Ones I Glassman
Basic Concepts of Government
  Rights, Federalism, and the Constitutional Republic
Berlese Pyramid, The
  Oppression Points Downward
RW Franson
Bicycles & Guns
  CDC's Public Safety Double Standard
S Farrell
Big Public Is Watching You
  Transparency versus Security
RW Franson
Bill of Intellectual Rights, The W McElroy
Book Packagers' Dos and Don'ts
  A suggested checklist for
  Editors, Publishers, & Publicists
RW Franson
Bookstore Questions and Answers DG Wills
Busing —Not Integration— Opposed
  Invoke Our Color-Blind Constitution to End It
E Enstrom, Jr.
Buying Books Online
  Used-Book Standards and Surprises,
  or Ploys Pleasant and Unpleasant
RW Franson

Campaigning in the World of Atlas Shrugged WH Stoddard
Chevrolet Vega
WR Franson
Chivalry on the Wing
  Medieval Falconry
S Farrell
Confined Choices
  Door, Corridor, & Maze Stories
RW Franson
Consent versus Chastity in Sexual Ethics WH Stoddard
Constitution of the United States WH Stoddard
Constitutionalists' Shadow Cabinet, A
  Focusing & Rallying Pro-Constitution Forces
RW Franson
Contra Dust-Jackets
  A Fetish of Protectionism
RW Franson
Contra Gradualism
  Applying Principle to Issues
W McElroy
Court Will Begin at Half-Way Terce
  Keeping Time in High Medieval Europe
A Farrell

Dance Cards
  Dating Ahead at a Ball
RW Franson
Dancing Socially at a Formal Ball RW Franson
Demigoddess of the Mind
  James H. Schmitz's heroine
  Telzey Amberdon
RW Franson
Did I Ever Tell You ...? S Farrell
Do You Wish to Read My Mind?
  Mind Encryption is Here!
C Benninghoff
Duesenberg Automobiles
WR Franson

Eclectic Antiques
  A Commercial Definition, for Fun
RW Franson
Emergency Reading
  or, Never Without a Book
RW Franson
Emerson's Nature and Self-Reliance
  A Biographical Sketch
NG Britton
Every Crowd Is Crazy
  Kipling's Political Theme in "As Easy as A.B.C."
WH Stoddard
Everything is Fake Now D Greenfield
Existence and Consciousness
  Questions in Cultural History
WH Stoddard
Existence Exists
  or the Modern Parmenides
WH Stoddard
Exquisite Rebel
  Voltairine de Cleyre
S Presley

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series
  Fritz Leiber
RW Franson
Federation of the Hub, The
  Self-Maintaining Science Fiction Universe
JH Schmitz
Fortress Hoover and the Vigilantes
  Who Will Wake the Watched?
RW Franson
Freddy the Pig series
  Walter R. Brooks
RW Franson
Free-Soil Movement, The W McElroy
Freedom of Speech HD Thoreau
Future History series
  Robert A. Heinlein
RW Franson

Galadriel and Ayesha WH Stoddard
Gas-Electric Cars Go Way Back
  Some History and Prospects
WR Franson
Geared Way, Way Down
  A Parable of Efficiency
WR Franson

Hayashi's Theory on Why Teenage Girls Love Vampires SK Hayashi
Heinlein Story and Novel Collections RW Franson
Heinlein's Missed Bestsellers RW Franson
Horatius at Khazad-dum WH Stoddard
How Many Wheels?
  Early Three-Cornered Cars
WR Franson
How to Recreate a Constitution
  From Amending Principles to Doing Without
SE Jordan
Hupmobile Automobiles
WR Franson

If Ever You Wanted One Thing Twice
  Zarathustra as Blues Singer
RW Franson
If We Only Had a Brain
  Neurofeedback for America
SE Jordan
I'll Grind His Bones to Make My Bread
  An Unscientific Enquiry into a Failed Experiment
  in Quasi-Cannibalism
JM Franson
Imps in the Websites
  Blunders of Enthusiasm
RW Franson
In Which Our Revels Are Not Ended K Spell
Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte series
  Arthur W. Upfield
RW Franson
  "The Ring of Gyges"
  & the Cesspool of Injustice
NG Britton
Is It Time to Establish a British Libertarian Party? W McElroy
Ishmael Paradigm, The
  A Critique of Daniel Quinn's Ishmael
G Stolyarov II
It's Elementary
  Lewis Little's Theory of Elementary Waves:
  A New Explanation of Fundamental Physics
DM Sandin

John Galt, Man of Letters RW Franson
Justice Is an Essay Question S Farrell

Kitchen Romances
  The Constable and the Maid
K Resta

Law and Institutions in the Shire WH Stoddard
Liberate Public Schools
  from Government by Lawsuit
E Enstrom, Jr.
Life and Value in Ayn Rand's Ethics WH Stoddard
Living in the Current Middle Ages
  Discover The Society for Creative Anachronism
S Farrell
Lodge in a Garden of Cucumbers, A
  in Dorothy Sayers, from Isaiah
RW Franson
Looking Through a Paradigm Darkly
  Was Dominque's rape in The Fountainhead
  actually rape? Why ... or why not?
W McElroy
Lose the Loose
  Road-Bumps of Word-Substitution via Misspelling
RW Franson
Lost in Google Earth
  or, Modern Geography
C Kalescky
Low Flying Planes, Subway Trains and Automobiles A Brown

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[King Lear's palace at Troynovant.]


Give me the letter, sir.


I shall offend, either to detain or give it. The contents, as in part I understand them, are to blame.


Let's see, let's see.


I hope, for my brother's justification, he wrote this but as an essay or taste of my virtue.

William Shakespeare
King Lear, 1.2.39-44


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