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We apply here no arbitrary length threshold; generally these stories are too short to have appeared as separate books. For those, see Book reviews by Author or by Title. We try to note a story's original publication (often in a magazine) and its inclusion in single-author collections, but generally not inclusion in anthologies. Some links below are to story discussion within reviews of collections or anthologies. This list reordered at Story reviews by Title; below is by Author.

Anvil, Christopher Revolt RW Franson
Torch RW Franson
Asimov, Isaac Mule, The RW Franson

Blish, James At Death's End RW Franson
  (Titans' Daughter)
RW Franson
  (The Quincunx of Time)
RW Franson
Borges, Jorge Luis Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote RW Franson
Brown, Rosel George Lost in Translation RW Franson

Campbell, John W.

Moon Is Hell, The

R Grube
Churchill, Winston S. Dream, The RW Franson
If Lee Had Not Won the Battle of Gettysburg RW Franson

de Camp, L. Sprague Gnarly Man, The RW Franson
Doyle, A. Conan Dancing Men, The Adventure of the RW Franson
Dunsany, Lord Three Sailors' Gambit, The RW Franson

Franson, Donald L. Time for Delusion, The RW Franson

Garrett, Randall Dead Giveaway RW Franson
Gibbs, Wolcott Topless in Ilium RW Franson

Hale, Edward Everett Brick Moon, The RW Franson
Harness, Charles L. Chessplayers, The RW Franson
Heinlein, Robert A. Black Pits of Luna, The RW Franson
Goldfish Bowl RW Franson
Green Hills of Earth, The RW Franson
Gulf RW Franson
Let There Be Light RW Franson
Man Who Traveled in Elephants, The RW Franson
Misfit RW Franson
On the Slopes of Vesuvius RW Franson
Our Fair City RW Franson
Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, The WH Stoddard
Water Is for Washing RW Franson
We Also Walk Dogs R Grube
Hubbard, L. Ron Unwilling Hero, The RW Franson

Jenkins, Will F.
  (Murray Leinster)
Logic Named Joe, A RW Franson
Purple Hieroglyph, The
  (Murder Will Out)
RW Franson

Keown, Eric Sir Tristram Goes West RW Franson
Kipling, Rudyard As Easy as A.B.C. WH Stoddard
Church That Was at Antioch, The WH Stoddard
Ship That Found Herself, The RW Franson
William the Conqueror WH Stoddard
Wireless RW Franson
Kollontai, Alexandra Soon (In 48 Years' Time) RW Franson

Laumer, Keith Brass God, The RW Franson
Forbidden City, The RW Franson
Wicker Wonderland RW Franson
Leiber, Fritz Bread Overhead RW Franson
Bullet With His Name RW Franson
Dreams of Albert Moreland, The RW Franson
Ill Met in Lankhmar RW Franson
Improper Authorities, The RW Franson
Last Letter, The RW Franson
Night Passage RW Franson
Sadness of the Executioner, The RW Franson
Snow Women, The RW Franson
Space-Time for Springers WH Stoddard
Thieves' House RW Franson
To Arkham and the Stars RW Franson
Trapped in the Sea of Stars RW Franson
Leinster, Murray
  (Will F. Jenkins)
Dear Charles RW Franson
Doomsday Deferred RW Franson
Eternal Now, The RW Franson
Exploration Team RW Franson
First Contact RW Franson
Logic Named Joe, A RW Franson
Nobody Saw the Ship RW Franson
Power, The RW Franson
Things Pass By RW Franson
Ley, Willy Fog RW Franson
Lovecraft, H. P. Shadow Over Innsmouth, The RW Franson

MacDonald, John D. Trojan Horse Laugh RW Franson
Melville, Herman Lightning-Rod Man, The RW Franson
Miller, Walter M., Jr. Darfsteller, The RW Franson
Mintz, Catherine Summer-Witch RW Franson
Moore, Catherine L. Fruit of Knowledge RW Franson

Paul, Barbara All the Dogs of Europe RW Franson
Piper, H. Beam Graveyard of Dreams
  (Junkyard Planet)
  (The Cosmic Computer)
RW Franson
Last Enemy RW Franson
Oomphel in the Sky RW Franson
Time and Time Again RW Franson
Plato Ring of Gyges, The NG Britton

Russell, Eric Frank Allamagoosa JM Franson
Hobbyist RW Franson
Homo Saps RW Franson
Legwork RW Franson
Mechanical Mice RW Franson
Now Inhale
  [the Towers of Hanoi game story]
RW Franson

Saki Peace Offering, The RW Franson
Schmitz, James H. Agent of Vega RW Franson
Custodians, The RW Franson
End of the Line, The WH Stoddard
Illusionists, The  (Space Fear) RW Franson
Novice RW Franson
Resident Witch RW Franson
Searcher, The RW Franson
Second Night of Summer, The RW Franson
Truth about Cushgar, The RW Franson
Undercurrents RW Franson
Watch the Sky RW Franson
Witches of Karres, The RW Franson
Sheckley, Robert Minimum Man, The RW Franson
Smith, Cordwainer Game of Rat and Dragon, The RW Franson
No, No, Not Rogov! RW Franson
Stout, Rex Before I Die RW Franson
Black Orchids JM Franson
Cordially Invited to Meet Death JM Franson
Gun with Wings, The RW Franson
Sturgeon, Theodore God in a Garden, A RW Franson
Never Underestimate RW Franson
Poker Face RW Franson
What Dead Men Tell RW Franson
Yesterday Was Monday RW Franson

Tevis, Walter S. Big Bounce, The RW Franson
Thurber, James Macbeth Murder Mystery, The RW Franson
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The RW Franson
You Could Look It Up RW Franson
Twain, Mark Celebrated Jumping Frog
  of Calaveras County, The
RW Franson
Encounter with an Interviewer, An RW Franson
Stolen White Elephant, The RW Franson
Telephonic Conversation, A RW Franson

Vance, Jack Dodkin's Job RW Franson

Weinbaum, Stanley G. Martian Odyssey, A RW Franson
Redemption Cairn RW Franson
Wells, H. G. Argonauts of the Air, The RW Franson
Land Ironclads, The RW Franson
Wilde, Oscar Remarkable Rocket, The RW Franson
Willis, Connie Ado RW Franson
Inn RW Franson
Last of the Winnebagos, The RW Franson
Miracle RW Franson
Newsletter RW Franson
Sidon in the Mirror, The RW Franson

Zelazny, Roger Doors of His Face,
  the Lamps of His Mouth, The
RW Franson
Walpurgisnacht RW Franson

[Athens. Theseus' palace.]

Hippolyta (to Theseus):
But all the story of the night told over,
And all their minds transfigured so together,
More witnesseth than fancy's images,
And grows to something of great constancy;
But howsoever, strange and admirable.
William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream, 5.1.23-27

Notes to a Proofreader
Offhandedly Noticing at Troynovant;
whence our concern with Non-Proofreading,
or Creative Typography;
despite, or because, their name is Legion

At Troynovant we are more interested in excellent or distinctive work than the merely timely or fashionable. Quality is always in season, and often more topical and entertaining than currency or fashion admit. Thus, we aim to refer and amuse, rather than to announce and forget. We avoid spoiling surprises in reviews that recommend; other works take their chances.


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