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MacDonald, John D. Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything, The RW Franson
Marder, Arthur J. From the Dardanelles to Oran
  Studies of the Royal Navy in War and Peace
RW Franson
Marshall, S.L.A. Bird
  The Christmastide Battle
  [Vietnam, December 1966]
RW Franson
Marx, Harpo
  & Rowland Barber
Harpo Speaks RW Franson
Maxwell, Ann Singer Enigma, The RW Franson
Maxwell, Ann
  (as by Elizabeth Lowell)
Reckless Love RW Franson
McAuliffe, Frank Augustus Mandrell series
  (the Commissions)
  1. Of All the Bloody Cheek
  2. Rather a Vicious Gentleman
  3. For Murder I Charge More
RW Franson
McCulley, Johnston Mark of Zorro, The WH Stoddard
McElroy, Wendy Liberty for Women
  Freedom and Feminism
  in the Twenty-first Century
RW Franson
Merrill, Ronald E. Ideas of Ayn Rand, The RW Franson
Mitchell, Greg Campaign of the Century, The
  Upton Sinclair's Race for Governor of California
  and the Birth of Media Politics
RW Franson
Moore, Ward
  & Avram Davidson
Joyleg RW Franson
Morgan, Elaine Descent of the Child, The
  Human Evolution from a New Perspective
RW Franson
Mori, Kaoru Bride's Story, A
  [graphic series]
WH Stoddard
Moskowitz, Sam Explorers of the Infinite
  Shapers of Science Fiction
RW Franson
Immortal Storm, The
  A History of Science Fiction Fandom
RW Franson
Mowat, Farley Grey Seas Under, The RW Franson

Nietzsche, Friedrich [ ==> Friedrich Nietzsche at Troynovant ]
Niven, Larry
  & Jerry Pournelle
Inferno R Grube
Lucifer's Hammer R Grube
Nix, Garth Sabriel WH Stoddard
Norton, Andre Crossroads of Time, The RW Franson
Sargasso of Space RW Franson
Novik, Naomi Temeraire series WH Stoddard

OneCity Trust One City
  [Edinburgh stories]
JM Franson
Owen, A. L. Famous Druids, The
  A survey of three centuries
  of English literature on the Druids
RW Franson

Padgett, Lewis
  (Henry Kuttner)
Robots Have No Tails
  (The Proud Robot)
RW Franson
Palin, Sarah Going Rogue
  An American Life
RW Franson
Parshall, Jonathan B.
  & Anthony P. Tully
Shattered Sword
  The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway
RW Franson
Party, Boston T. Molon Labe WH Stoddard
Patterson, William H., Jr. Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century
  Volume 1, 1907-1948: Learning Curve
RW Franson
Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century
  Volume 1, 1907-1948: Learning Curve
WH Stoddard
Piper, H. Beam Complete Paratime, The RW Franson
Four-Day Planet RW Franson
Little Fuzzy DH Franson
Junkyard Planet
  (The Cosmic Computer)
  (Graveyard of Dreams)
RW Franson
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen RW Franson
Potter, David M. Impending Crisis, The
RW Franson

Quinn, Daniel Ishmael G Stolyarov II

Rahe, Paul A. (editor) Machiavelli's Liberal Republican Legacy RW Franson
Rand, Ayn [ ==> Ayn Rand at Troynovant ]
Rawls, Wilson Where the Red Fern Grows RW Franson
Reade, Charles Christie Johnstone RW Franson
Reagan, Ronald Reagan, In His Own Hand RW Franson
Reed, Miss
  (Dora Saint)
No Holly for Miss Quinn JM Franson
Village School JM Franson
Rilke, Rainer Maria Best of Rilke, The
  (translated by Walter Arndt)
RW Franson
Robbins, Jim Symphony in the Brain, A
  The Evolution of the New Brain Wave Biofeedback
SE Jordan
Robinson, Kim Stanley Years of Rice and Salt, The WH Stoddard
Robinson, Spider
  & Robert A. Heinlein
Variable Star WH Stoddard
Russell, Eric Frank Entities: Selected Novels RW Franson

Major Ingredients: Short Stories

RW Franson
Sinister Barrier RW Franson
Three to Conquer
  (Call Him Dead)
RW Franson
Wasp RW Franson

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[Elsinore Castle, Denmark. A stateroom in the castle.]

I remember one said there was no sallets in the lines to make the matter savoury, nor no matter in the phrase that might indict the author of affectation, but called it an honest method, as wholesome as sweet, and by very much more handsome than fine.
William Shakespeare
Hamlet, 2.2.422-426

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