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Many British authors, including standard and popular novelists in England, and even novelists of England, as well as poetry, films, or stories with more or less British content are not listed here unless the work or the review speaks especially of English-speaking culture, institutions, governance, and so on. Several British authors are covered at their own Personae indexes, some gather at the Detection index, while others may be here with a particular representative work.

Anglo-American Title Changes
  Interior Translation in English
RW Franson,
JM Franson

Blott on the Landscape Tom Sharpe RW Franson

Chivalry on the Wing
  Medieval Falconry
S Farrell
Churchill at Troynovant
Compendium of Common Knowledge, A
  Elizabethan Commonplaces
  for Writers, Actors & Re-enactors
Maggie Secara JM Franson

Dead and Buried?
  The Horrible History of Bodysnatching
Norman Adams JM Franson
Devil's Disciple, The George Bernard Shaw RW Franson

Famous Druids, The
  A survey of three centuries
  of English literature on the Druids
A. L. Owen RW Franson
Five Days in London, May 1940 John Lukacs RW Franson
From the Dardanelles to Oran
  Studies of the Royal Navy in War and Peace
Arthur J. Marder RW Franson

Ghost Goes West, The Clair / Donat RW Franson
Great Contemporaries Winston S. Churchill RW Franson
Gunga Din Kipling / Stevens RW Franson

Home and the World, The
Satyajit Ray WH Stoddard

In Search of Churchill Martin Gilbert RW Franson
Is It Time to Establish a British Libertarian Party? W McElroy

John Galt, Man of Letters RW Franson

Malakand Field Force, The Story of the
  An Episode of Frontier War
Winston S. Churchill RW Franson
Micah Clarke A. Conan Doyle RW Franson
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Monty Python S Farrell

North and South Elizabeth Gaskell WH Stoddard
Norton Shakespeare, The William Shakespeare  RW Franson

On the Trail of William Shakespeare J. Keith Cheetham JM Franson
One City
  [Edinburgh stories]
OneCity Trust JM Franson

Pleasures of Afternoon Tea, The Angela Hynes JM Franson
Porterhouse Blue Tom Sharpe RW Franson

Ring of Words, The:
  Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary
Peter Gilliver,
  Jeremy Marshall
  & Edmund Weiner
RW Franson

Sarah Churchill and The Rules for Dating RW Franson
Secret of the League, The Ernest Bramah RW Franson
1764: The Hurlyburly of Daily Life
  Exemplified in One Year of the 18th Century
Jack Lindsay RW Franson
Shakespeare at Troynovant
Sherlock Holmes, The Annotated A. Conan Doyle RW Franson
Spanish Gold George A. Birmingham RW Franson
Sudetenland and Anti-Nazi Options
  Points on Central Europe, 1936-1938
RW Franson
Switchboard Girls with Gas Masks
  Calm and Secret Heroism
RW Franson

1066: Changing the English Channel S Farrell
To Say Nothing of the Dog Connie Willis RW Franson
Tolkien and the Great War
  The Threshold of Middle Earth
John Garth WH Stoddard
Tolkien at Troynovant

Village School Miss Reed
  (Dora Saint)
JM Franson

Will in the World
  How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
Stephen Greenblatt RW Franson
William the Conqueror Rudyard Kipling WH Stoddard

[Wales, near Milford Haven.]


Hath Britain all the sun that shines? Day, night,
Are they not but in Britain? I' th' world's volume
Our Britain seems as of it, but not in't;
In a great pool a swan's nest.

William Shakespeare
Cymbeline, 3.4.136-139

The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up, 1838 - JMW Turner, 1839

The Fighting Temeraire
tugged to her last berth to be broken up, 1838

Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1839

HMS Temeraire at Trafalgar, 1805; etc.
— Wikipedia


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