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Many fine novels & poems, films, or stories which include battles or a wartime setting and the like are not listed here unless the work or the review struggles with general ideas about warfare as a literary genre, the warrior's code in men and women, the nature of war or intercultural conflict, and so on. The American Civil War has its own index, as does Weaponry.

Next month, Anson MacDonald [a pseudonym for Robert A. Heinlein] presents a story about an irresistible weapon — "Solution Unsatisfactory," and the title is the Editor's. MacDonald, rather dissatisfied himself, called it "Foreign Policy." The point is that the author's solution to the problem raised in the story — that of a nation, our nation, in possession of an irresistible, but easily imitated weapon — is not tenable. Furthermore, it isn't a pleasant solution anyway. But the trouble is, there doesn't seem to be any solution save the one MacDonald advances — and that one is one no American could accept with equanimity. It's dictatorship, in fact, in the harshest, most stringent form possible, with a super-police force empowered to deal life and death to whole cities at their discretion.

The story's a challenge as it stands. There is no irresistible weapon now, of course, and all the history of war has shown that cries of "It's irresistible!" have been false. But, as MacDonald points out in his story, the little boy cried "Wolf! Wolf!" until when the wolf came nobody believed it. But the wolf did come.

And MacDonald suggests that the weapon will come — and come in about three years. Personally, I'm most desperately afraid he's absolutely correct.

Read the yarn, and let's have your suggestions as to how to get a satisfactory solution ...

The Editor

John W. Campbell, Jr.
Astounding Science Fiction, April 1941

Alexander the Great
  Selected Texts from Arrian, Curtius and Plutarch
Tania Gergel RW Franson
Anzio [film] Edward Dmytryk / Robert Mitchum RW Franson

Berlin Diary
  The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent
William L. Shirer RW Franson
Between Planets Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
  The Christmastide Battle
  [Vietnam, December 1966]
S.L.A. Marshall RW Franson
Bluebell Saves the Day
  Me and My Truck and the Mule
  versus the Seaborne Invasion
RW Franson
By Ships Alone
  Churchill and the Dardanelles
Jeffrey D. Wallin RW Franson

Cunard Steamship Company
  Aquitania, Mauretania, Lusitania
  Glimpse, March 1915

Five Days in London, May 1940 John Lukacs RW Franson
Fortress Hoover and the Vigilantes
  Who Will Wake the Watched?
RW Franson
From the Dardanelles to Oran
  Studies of the Royal Navy in War and Peace
Arthur J. Marder RW Franson
Frontiers and Wars Winston S. Churchill RW Franson

General, The Buster Keaton RW Franson
German High Command at War, The
  Hindenburg and Ludendorff
  Conduct World War I
Robert B. Asprey RW Franson
Great Contemporaries Winston S. Churchill RW Franson
Great Siege, The
  Malta 1565
Ernle Bradford RW Franson
Greek and Macedonian Art of War, The F.E. Adcock RW Franson
Gunga Din Rudyard Kipling / George Stevens RW Franson
Gunpowder - Alchemy, Bombards and Pyrotechnics
  The History of the Explosive
  that Changed the World
Jack Kelly S Farrell

Hitler in Warsaw; Birthday in Krakau
  Postcard, 20 April 1941
RW Franson

Land Ironclads, The H. G. Wells RW Franson
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen H. Beam Piper RW Franson

Malakand Field Force, The Story of the
  An Episode of Frontier War
Winston S. Churchill RW Franson
Micah Clarke A. Conan Doyle RW Franson

Off Armageddon Reef David Weber WH Stoddard

Pentagon's New Map, The
  War and Peace in the Twenty-first Century
Thomas P. M. Barnett RW Franson

Quartered Safe Out Here
  A Recollection of the War in Burma
  [February-August 1945]
George MacDonald Fraser RW Franson

Reporting Vietnam
  American Journalism 1959-1975
—— RW Franson
Return of the King, The [film] J.R.R. Tolkien / Peter Jackson WH Stoddard

Shattered Sword
  The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway
Jonathan B. Parshall
  & Anthony P. Tully
RW Franson
Siege of Vienna, The
John Stoye RW Franson
1632 Eric Flint RW Franson
Switchboard Girls with Gas Masks
  Calm and Secret Heroism
RW Franson
Swords and Swordsmen Mike Loades S Farrell

Temeraire series Naomi Novik WH Stoddard
1066: Changing the English Channel S Farrell
Tolkien and the Great War
  The Threshold of Middle Earth
John Garth WH Stoddard
Truth about Cushgar, The James H. Schmitz RW Franson

Victory at Sea Henry Salomon; Richard Rodgers RW Franson

War Before Civilization Lawrence H. Keeley RW Franson
Witches of Karres, The James H. Schmitz RW Franson
Writings George Washington RW Franson

[Warkworth Castle, Northumberland.]

Lady Percy (to Henry Percy, Hotspur):

In thy faint slumbers I by thee have watched,
And heard thee murmur tales of iron wars,
Speak terms of manege to thy bounding steed,
Cry 'Courage! To the field!' And thou hast talked
Of sallies and retires, of trenches, tents,
Of palisadoes, frontiers, parapets,
Of basilisks, of cannon, culverin,
Of prisoners ransomed, and of soldiers slain,
And all the currents of a heady fight.

William Shakespeare
1 Henry IV, 2.4.41-49

American Civil War at Troynovant
1860-1865; freedom & slavery,
campaigns and battles

Weapontake at Troynovant
weapons, martial arts;
gun rights, freedom of self-defense


United Service Organizations (USO)
for American armed forces since 1941

Thanks as always
to all who've worn the American uniform;
and from we who have,
to all the American people who have supported us.

— Robert W. Franson

Traveler, take this word to the men of Lakedaimon:
We who lie buried here did what they told us to do.

epitaph inscribed for the Spartans
who died fighting at Thermopylae

attributed to Simonides of Ceos
Greek Lyrics  (second edition: 1960)
translated by Richmond Lattimore


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