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A Morning. The Dance of the Nymphs. - Camille Corot


One evening Zarathustra walked through a forest with his disciples, and as he sought a well, behold, he came upon a green meadow, silently surrounded by trees and shrubs, and upon it girls were dancing with each other. As soon as the girls recognized Zarathustra they ceased dancing. But Zarathustra walked up to them with a friendly gesture and spoke these words:
Do not cease dancing, you lovely girls! No killjoy has come to you with evil eyes, no enemy of girls. God's advocate am I before the devil: but the devil is the spirit of gravity. How could I, you lightfooted ones, be an enemy of godlike dancers?
Friedrich Nietzsche
"The Dancing Song"
Thus Spoke Zarathustra, II.10  (1883)
translated by Walter Kaufmann
in The Portable Nietzsche

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[An inn in Eastcheap, London.]

Sir John Falstaff:

What doth gravity out of his bed at midnight? Shall I give him his answer?

Prince Harry:

Prithee do, Jack.

Sir John Falstaff:

Faith, and I'll send him packing.      [Exit]

William Shakespeare
1 Henry IV, 2.5.270-273

Aerospace at Troynovant
air and space travel and development

painting, top:
"A Morning. The Dance of the Nymphs."
by Camille Corot

The spirit of gravity as educator has, by a secret process, succeeded in becoming the master of the world. Therefore, the one who teaches men to fly will have moved all boundary stones and baptized the earth with a new name, "the light," in place of the old name, "the grave."

Laurence Lampert
Part III
Nietzsche's Teaching:
An Interpretation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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