Postcard photo - Oil Wells on State Capitol Grounds, Oklahoma City Fuel at Troynovant:
empowering economy using energy sources
such as wood, coal, & oil,
wind & water, nuclear & solar,
with some energized industries;
listed by Title


Alcohol Plant
  Springfield, Oregon 1947
WR Franson

Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia
  of Science and Technology
Isaac Asimov RW Franson
Bluebell Saves the Day
  Me and My Truck and the Mule
  versus the Seaborne Invasion
RW Franson

Capitol Oil Wells, Oklahoma City
  Postcard, 14 May 1946
WR Franson

Doomed Oasis, The Hammond Innes RW Franson

Fire Came By, The
  [Tunguska, Siberia 1908]
John Baxter
  & Thomas Atkins
RW Franson

Geared Way, Way Down
  A Parable of Efficiency
WR Franson
General, The Buster Keaton RW Franson
Going Rogue
  An American Life
Sarah Palin RW Franson
GURPS Steam-Tech
  A Compendium of Marvelous Devices
  for the Age of Steam
William H. Stoddard RW Franson

King of the Texas Rangers English & Witney / Sammy Baugh / Duncan Renaldo RW Franson,
DH Franson

Let There Be Light Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
Lightning Strikes the Lighthouse
  Escanaba, Michigan 1906
WR Franson

Mightiest Machine, The John W. Campbell R Grube

New Solar System, The

J. Kelly Beatty,
  Carolyn Collins Petersen
  & Andrew Chaikin
RW Franson

Palin Ahead of the Curve on Rare Earth Metals W Pitcher
Plywood Mill
  Springfield, Oregon 1951
WR Franson

Sandy River Service Station
  Troutdale, Oregon 1938-1939
WR Franson

Theory of Elementary Waves, The
  A New Explanation of Fundamental Physics
Lewis E. Little DM Sandin

Undefeated, The Sarah Palin / Stephen Bannon S Drake

[Prospero's island.]

Prospero [to Caliban]:

Fetch us in fuel. And be quick, thou'rt best,
To answer other business. — Shrug'st thou, malice?
If thou neglect'st or dost unwillingly
What I command, I'll rack thee with old cramps,
Fill all thy bones with aches, make thee roar,
That beasts shall tremble at thy din.

William Shakespeare
The Tempest, 1.2.369-374

The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Stalin's Atlantis"
This Is What's Left of the Soviet Union's Floating Oil Town
by Becket Adams at TheBlaze

Transport at Troynovant
ships, trains, autos,
aircraft, spacecraft

Oil Wells on
State Capitol Grounds,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

postcard page for above:
Capitol Oil Wells
Oklahoma City, 14 May 1946


When she saw the lights of a town, like a handful of gold coins flung upon the prairie, the brightly violent lights fed by an electric current, they seemed as distant as the stars and now as unattainable. The energy that had lighted them was gone, the power that created power stations in empty prairies had vanished, and she knew of no journey to recapture it. Yet these had been her stars — she thought, looking down — these had been her goal, her beacon, the aspiration drawing her upon her upward course. That which others claimed to feel at the sight of the stars — stars safely distant by millions of years and thus imposing no obligation to act, but serving as the tinsel of futility — she had felt at the sight of electric bulbs lighting the streets of a town. It was this earth below that had been the height she had wanted to reach, and she wondered how she had come to lose it, who had made of it a convict's ball to drag through muck, who had turned its promise of greatness into a vision never to be reached. But the town was past, and she had to look ahead, to the mountains of Colorado rising in her way.
Ayn Rand
"The Sign of the Dollar"
Atlas Shrugged  (1957)

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