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structures of American founding documents:
Declaration of Independence
& United States Constitution;
debates on constitutionality;
listed by Title

See Law at Troynovant for legal institutions and matters less specifically related to American constitutional structure.

As the Declaration of Independence is America's definitional document, so the United States Constitution provides the structural framework for its core political institutions.

You, I, each one of us, is a minority of one. The Constitution, by limiting the trespass of institutions upon individuals, defends our natural right as rational, social individuals to live in harmonious society.

I want you to protect the Constitution. Learn, and stand up.

Robert Wilfred Franson

Banners for Constitutionalists
  from The Sly Tyrant's Handbook
RW Franson
Basic Concepts of Government
  Rights, Federalism, and the Constitutional Republic
Busing —Not Integration— Opposed
  Invoke Our Color-Blind Constitution to End It
E Enstrom, Jr.

Conflict of Visions, A
  Ideological Origins of Political Struggles
Thomas Sowell SE Jordan
Constitution of the United States WH Stoddard
Constitutionalists' Shadow Cabinet, A
  Focusing & Rallying Pro-Constitution Forces
RW Franson

Declaration of Independence & Constitution DH Franson

Five Thousand Year Leap, The
  The 28 Great Ideas
  That Changed the World
W. Cleon Skousen SE Jordan

How to Recreate a Constitution
  From Amending Principles to Doing Without
SE Jordan

Liberate Public Schools
  from Government by Lawsuit
E Enstrom, Jr.
Lincoln at Cooper Union
  The Speech That Made
  Abraham Lincoln President
Harold Holzer RW Franson

Machiavelli's Liberal Republican Legacy Paul A. Rahe (editor) RW Franson
Men in Black
  How the Supreme Court
  Is Destroying America
Mark R. Levin RW Franson
My Grandfather's Son
  A Memoir
Clarence Thomas RW Franson

New Thought Police, The
  Inside the Left's Assault on
  Free Speech and Free Minds
Tammy Bruce RW Franson

Parental Handbook
  For Parents Dedicated to Local Control
  of Public Education of Children
  According to the Constitution
E Enstrom, Jr.

Reagan, In His Own Hand Ronald Reagan RW Franson

Stealing Elections
  How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy
John Fund RW Franson

We Still Hold These Truths
  Rediscovering Our Principles,
  Reclaiming Our Future
Matthew Spalding SE Jordan
What Is America? WH Stoddard
Writings George Washington RW Franson



Some dear friend dead, else nothing in the world
Could turn so much the constitution
Of any constant man.

William Shakespeare
The Merchant of Venice, 3.2.244-246

Governments that rest only on a single idea or on a single, easy-to-define sentiment are perhaps not the best, but they are surely the strongest and the most lasting.

When one examines the Constitution of the United States, the most perfect of all known federal constitutions, one is frightened, on the contrary, by the quantity of diverse knowledge and by the discernment that it supposes in those whom it must rule. The government of the Union rests almost wholly on legal fictions. The Union is an ideal nation that exists so to speak only in minds, and whose extent and bounds intelligence alone discovers.

Alexis de Tocqueville
Democracy in America  (1835-1840)
edited & translated by Mansfield & Winthrop

Constitution of the United States
creation & impact of the charters of freedom
at National Archives online

Enstrom Foundation
Liberate Public Schools from Government by Lawsuit:
the 17-year pro bono defense of
students' & parents' Constitutional rights

Utopia at Troynovant
utopia in power, or dystopia

We may find it illuminating to think of the United States Constitution not quite as the inspired grantor of rightly understood American Exceptionalism, but as its early intellectual expression and beleaguered but ongoing practical catalyst. The Ship of State is not a perpetual-motion machine. Here's a fictional analogy.  — RWF

Captain of salvage spaceship:

Right. Your mechanical trouble. Compression coil, you say?

Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of disabled Serenity:

It was the catalyzer.

Captain of salvage spaceship:

Not even the coil? Catalyzer's a nothing part, Captain.

Malcolm Reynolds:

It's nothing til you don't got one. Then it appears to be everything.
Out of Gas written by Tim Minear,
episode 8 of Firefly created by Joss Whedon

"Out of Gas" shooting script in
Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume Two


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