Antiquity at Troynovant:
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Many references and allusions to the Classical civilizations of Greece and Rome are not indexed here, let alone the plentitude of other lights of ancient days which help illumine the byways into our Troynovant.

A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Note  (1874)
in The Portable Nietzsche

Advertisement Touching a Holy War
  (Laurence Lampert edition)
Francis Bacon RW Franson
Alexander the Great
  Selected Texts from Arrian, Curtius and Plutarch
Tania Gergel RW Franson
Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia
  of Science and Technology
Isaac Asimov RW Franson

Church That Was at Antioch, The Rudyard Kipling WH Stoddard

Every Crowd Is Crazy
  Kipling's Political Theme in "As Easy as A.B.C."
WH Stoddard
Existence Exists
  or the Modern Parmenides
WH Stoddard

Famous Druids, The
  A survey of three centuries
  of English literature on the Druids
A. L. Owen RW Franson
  A Tragedy
  (translated by Walter Arndt)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe RW Franson
Fountainhead, The
  [an Aristotelian view]
Ayn Rand WH Stoddard

Greek and Macedonian Art of War, The F.E. Adcock RW Franson

Homer's Contest Friedrich Nietzsche RW Franson
Horatius at Khazad-dum WH Stoddard

  A Tale of Arabia
F. Marion Crawford RW Franson

Leo Strauss and Nietzsche Laurence Lampert RW Franson
Lodge in a Garden of Cucumbers, A
  in Dorothy Sayers, from Isaiah
RW Franson
Lost in Translation Rosel George Brown RW Franson

Marathon Victory Announcement Committee, The
  Classical News Before It's Old
RW Franson
Men Like Gods H. G. Wells RW Franson
Mirror of Myth, The
  Classical Themes & Variations
Jasper Griffin RW Franson
Move the Stones of Rome to Rise
  Hearing Mark Antony
RW Franson

Nietzsche's Task
  An Interpretation of
  Beyond Good and Evil
Laurence Lampert RW Franson

Oxyrhynchus Papyri
  New Light on Ancient Texts
RW Franson

Peace Offering, The Saki RW Franson
Poetic Troynovant
  renewing Troy in dreaming rhyme
RW Franson

Reckless Love Elizabeth Lowell
  (Ann Maxwell)
RW Franson
Rhetoric or Else
  persuasive speech, or — ?
RW Franson

Secrets of the Great Pyramid Peter Tompkins RW Franson
Sing, Earthly Muse
  Music in Ayn Rand's Aesthetics
WH Stoddard
Six Thousand Years of Bread
  Its Holy and Unholy History
H. E. Jacob JL Iannolo
Speaking through Texts
  manifest culture; & action this day
RW Franson
Sphinx Daybreak
  [ ==> Overflight at Troynovant ]
Robert Wilfred Franson   
Swords and Swordsmen Mike Loades S Farrell

Topless in Ilium Wolcott Gibbs RW Franson
  Troy traveling, to and again recurring
RW Franson

What's in the brain that ink may character
Which hath not figured to thee my true spirit? ...

So that eternal love in love's fresh case
Weighs not the dust and injury of age,
Nor gives to necessary wrinkles place,
But makes antiquity for aye his page,
   Finding the first conceit of love there bred
   Where time and outward form would show it dead.

William Shakespeare
Sonnets, 108

Philosophy at Troynovant
nature of existence; history of ideas

The attitude of city-state Greeks to this sub-Homeric enclave was one of genial and sophisticated contempt. They regarded Macedonians in general as semi-savages, uncouth of speech and dialect, retrograde in their political institutions, negligible as fighters, and habitual oath-breakers, who dressed in bear-pelts and were much given to deep and swinish potations, tempered with regular bouts of assassination and incest.

In a more benevolent mood, Athenians would watch the attempts of the Argead court [of Macedon] to Hellenize itself with the patronizing indulgence of some blue-blooded duke called upon to entertain a colonial sugar-baron.

Peter Green
"Philip of Macedon"
Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C.:
A Historical Biography  (1970; 1974; 1991)

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