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"Who is John Galt?"

The light was ebbing, and Eddie Willers could not distinguish the bum's face. The bum had said it simply, without expression. But from the sunset far at the end of the street, yellow glints caught his eyes, and the eyes looked straight at Eddie Willers, mocking and still — as if the question had been addressed to the causeless uneasiness within him.

"Why did you say that?" asked Eddie Willers, his voice tense.

The bum leaned against the side of the doorway; a wedge of broken glass behind him reflected the metal yellow of the sky.

"Why does it bother you?" he asked.

Ayn Rand
Part I: "Non-Contradiction" — Chapter I: "The Theme"
Atlas Shrugged


— works by Rand, reviewed —

Anthem Ayn Rand RW Franson
Art of Fiction, The Ayn Rand RW Franson
Fountainhead, The
  [an Aristotelian view]
Ayn Rand WH Stoddard
Is Atlas Shrugging?
  Boston: 19 April 1964
Ayn Rand RW Franson
Love Letters William Dieterle / Jennifer Jones / Joseph Cotten RW Franson
Objectivist Newsletter, The
Ayn Rand
  & Nathaniel Branden
RW Franson
Objectivist, The
Ayn Rand
  & Nathaniel Branden
RW Franson


— essays; and works about Rand, reviewed —

Atlas Revived CB Kurtz
Atlas Shrugged as Science Fiction
  Two Reviews in Astounding, 1958
RW Franson
Ayn Rand
  The Russian Radical
Chris Matthew Sciabarra LH Hunt
Campaigning in the World of Atlas Shrugged WH Stoddard
Consent versus Chastity in Sexual Ethics WH Stoddard
Existence and Consciousness
  Questions in Cultural History
WH Stoddard
Existence Exists
  or the Modern Parmenides
WH Stoddard
Ideas of Ayn Rand, The Ronald E. Merrill RW Franson
John Galt, Man of Letters RW Franson
Life and Value in Ayn Rand's Ethics WH Stoddard
Looking Through a Paradigm Darkly
  Was Dominque's rape in The Fountainhead
  actually rape? Why ... or why not?
W McElroy
Sing, Earthly Muse
  Music in Ayn Rand's Aesthetics
WH Stoddard
Structural Aspects of Atlas Shrugged LH Hunt
Thus Spoke Howard Roark
  The Transformation of Nietzschean Ideas
  in The Fountainhead
LH Hunt
What Art Is
  The Esthetic Theory of Ayn Rand
Louis Torres
   & Michelle Marder Kamhi
WH Stoddard


— tangential mentions of Rand —

Advertisement Touching a Holy War
  (Laurence Lampert edition)
Francis Bacon RW Franson
For Us, the Living Robert A. Heinlein RW Franson
Halting State Charles Stross WH Stoddard
Heinlein's Missed Bestsellers RW Franson
Local Habitation and a Name, A
  the inspiration of words by reality
Mage: The Ascension White Wolf Game Studio WH Stoddard
Men Like Gods H. G. Wells RW Franson
Off Armageddon Reef David Weber WH Stoddard
Other Minds
  The Anti-Skeptical Position
WH Stoddard
Pan's Labyrinth
  (El labertino del fauno)
del Toro / Baquero WH Stoddard
Secret of the League, The Ernest Bramah RW Franson
Self-Published Authors
  in the Printed-Paper Era
RW Franson
Streets of Fire Walter Hill / Michael Paré WH Stoddard
Torch Christopher Anvil RW Franson
Venus Plus X Theodore Sturgeon RW Franson
What Is America? WH Stoddard
Why I Am Not a Utilitarian
  Values and the Ethical Life
WH Stoddard


— Rand, quoted —

Basic Concepts of Government
  Rights, Federalism, and the Constitutional Republic
Coining at Troynovant
  quantifying value into commodity;
  true coin, false coin, enterprise & economics
Disclaimers and Dedications
  enter as a small Prologue, disarmingly
Logical Leap, The
  Induction in Physics
David Harriman WH Stoddard
Mix Pictures of the Mind
  the light of evening
On a Screen, Darkly
  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    contrasted with —
  Man som hatar kvinnor
WH Stoddard
Participatory Fiction WH Stoddard
Rhetoric or Else
  persuasive speech, or — ?
Statuesque Spendthrifts
  [Disney Ducks]
Carl Barks RW Franson
Topless in Ilium Wolcott Gibbs RW Franson
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne WH Stoddard

[A street in Padua.]


Mi perdonate, gentle master mine.

I am in all affected as yourself;
Glad that you thus continue your resolve
To suck the sweets of sweet philosophy.

Only, good master, while we do admire
This virtue and this moral discipline,
Let's be no stoics nor no stocks, I pray,
Or so devote to Aristotle's checks
As Ovid be an outcast quite abjured.

Balk logic with acquaintance that you have,
And practise rhetoric in your common talk.

Music and poesy use to quicken you;
The mathematics and the metaphysics,
Fall to them as you find your stomach serves you.

No profit grows where is no pleasure ta'en;
In brief, sir, study what you most affect.

William Shakespeare
The Taming of the Shrew, 1.1.25-40

Philosophy at Troynovant
nature of existence; history of ideas

Personae at Troynovant
an alternate Contents via emanant Olympians

Rand continued to write [The Fountainhead] in longhand and to read aloud to the O'Connor brothers, who would sometimes suggest American expressions or idiomatic bits of dialogue. Then she would expertly type her new pages, making alterations based on how they sounded. She regularly consulted [Isabel] Paterson, too, particularly about her characters' speeches. Among other suggestions the older woman made was one to eliminate explicit references to Hitler, Stalin, Fascism, Nazism — to all contemporary history. "The theme of your book is wider than the politics of the moment," Patterson told her. "You are really writing about collectivism — any past, present, or future form of it." This was excellent advice, and Rand took it, not only in The Fountainhead but also in Atlas Shrugged. The novels' timeless, almost mythical atmosphere is surely one of the reasons for their enduring popularity.

Anne C. Heller
Ayn Rand and the World She Made  (2009)

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