San Diego Post Office, opened 1937 Postcards at Troynovant:
minimalist sendings by courier,
flat-carded Scenes of Passage;
in the older manner
sent & reviewed in Private
though carried by the Public post;
listed by Title / Location & Date

Postcards listed below have their own pages. Many other postcards feature as illustrations on other content or index pages at Troynovant, and are not listed here, but sometimes a postcard-as-illustration also will have a link to a page of its own. Most postcard views are click-to-enlarge; these with their own pages show both sides.

Dates denote when a postcard was addressed or postmarked. Often the card was printed significantly earlier, as for instance pre-war cards mailed during or after World War II, or souvenir or antique cards which sometimes are mailed long afterward. Written cards that are not stamped or postmarked were mailed within envelopes. In transcribing text: punctuation and certain capitalization may be adjusted, and typos silently corrected, but contemporary or individual usage is respected.

... I says, "I draw my own conclusions and will continue in the future to draw them." I says, "If people want to write their inmost secrets on penny postcards, there's nothing in the wide world you can do about it, Uncle Rondo."
Eudora Welty
"Why I Live at the P.O."  (1941)

Post Card address logo, birds and quill

Aerial Cableway, Niagara Falls
  Postcard, 18 July 1936
DL Franson,
WR Franson
Angel's Flight, Los Angeles
  Postcard, 21 August 1952
VH Franson

Badlands, South Dakota
  Postcard, 12 October 1931
R Franson
Basic Writings of Nietzsche
  (edited & translated by Walter Kaufmann)
  [postcard: She reads Nietzsche]
Friedrich Nietzsche RW Franson

Bookstore Memories
  Stores Gone but not Forgotten
  in Southern California
  [postcard: Herweg & Romine Bookstore]

RW Franson

Capitol Oil Wells, Oklahoma City
  Postcard, 14 May 1946
WR Franson
Casa Diego Colon, Trujillo, Dominican Republic
  Postcard, 25 July 1936
VH Franson
Coolidge Summer White House
  Postcard, 13 August 1928
VH Franson

Dear Unknown Friend
  Postcard, 21 December 1922
VH Franson
Desert at Troynovant
  American Southwest & other deserts
  [postcard: Joshua Tree, California]

Eugene Post Office, The
  Eugene, Oregon 1949-1956
  [postcards: Post Office buildings]
WR Franson

German High Command at War, The
  Hindenburg and Ludendorff
  Conduct World War I
  [postcard: Auf Verposten (At the Outpost), 1915]
Robert B. Asprey RW Franson

Hitler in Warsaw; Birthday in Krakau
  Postcard, 20 April 1941
RW Franson

I Was Ejected from a Spaceship
  Atlas 10-B Orbits the Earth
  San Diego 1958
  [postcard: Atlas ICBM]
WR Franson

Jolly Halloween: I wonder!
  Postcard, 31 October 1923
VH Franson

Mailomat, New York City
  Postcard, 16 September 1944
DL Franson
Milwaukee City Hall
  Postcard, 25 May 1945
VH Franson
Music at Troynovant
  music, song, dance, & composers
  [postcard: Swedish girl dancing]
Music Box, The
  [Soviet postcard: the Odessa Steps]
Laurel and Hardy RW Franson

Old Route 66
  1932, 1934, 1946
  [postcard: Hotel Oldsmobile]
WR Franson

Soon (In 48 Years' Time)
  [Soviet postcard: Cosmonaut Santa Claus]
Alexandra Kollontai RW Franson

U.S. Highway 101, San Diego Coast
  Postcard, 16 July 1938
WR Franson
U.S. Post Office, San Diego, California
  opened 1937
  Postcard [top right, above]

Wiesbaden Stadtschloss
  Postcard, 18 July 1945
DL Franson
  Postcard, 8 September 1945
DL Franson


— correspondence —

To Wilfred R. Franson
  Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina
  Letter, 13 March 1944
VH Franson

[Scotland. An open place.]


The King hath happily received, Macbeth,
The news of thy success, and when he reads
Thy personal venture in the rebels' sight,
His wonders and his praises do contend
Which should be thine or his; silenced with that,
In viewing o'er the rest o'th' self-same day
He finds thee in the stout Norwegian ranks,
Nothing afeard of what thyself didst make,
Strange images of death. As thick as hail
Came post with post, and every one did bear
Thy praises in his kingdom's great defence,
And poured them down before him.

William Shakespeare
Macbeth, 1.3.87-98

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postcard, top right:
U.S. Post Office,
San Diego, California.
opened 1937


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