Americqn flag waving Memoirs at Troynovant:
firsthand reminiscences,
that is, Personal History, personally told;
listed by Title

Look homeward, horseman: reflect and be glad.

Alcohol Plant
  Springfield, Oregon 1947
WR Franson
Anti-Recipes for Coffee
  U.S. Army, West Germany
RW Franson

Bookstore Memories
  Stores Gone but not Forgotten
  in Southern California

RW Franson
Born in a Lighthouse
  Escanaba, Michigan 1888
ER Franson
Breakfast in Phoenix with the Heinleins
  Phoenix 1977
K Spell
Brown Hawk Down
  Abilene, Texas
JK Thorp

Cognitive Jury Duty WH Stoddard

Day-Nite Garage, The
  Eugene, Oregon 1939-1941
WR Franson
Donald L. Franson
  Condolences from Poland 2002
RP Jasinski
Driving Past the Pentagon
  Washington, D.C. 9-11-2001
J Kelly

Emergency Reading
  or, Never Without a Book
RW Franson
Eugene Post Office, The
  Eugene, Oregon 1949-1956
WR Franson

Flag Day Parades
  Hudson, New York
A Ross
Fourth-of-July Fireworks!
  Red rats and whistling chasers
JM Franson

Golden Cultivators
  or, The World Well Dug
RW Franson
Gypsy Princess versus Blitz
  San Diego 2001
RW Franson

I Was Ejected from a Spaceship
  Atlas 10-B Orbits the Earth
  San Diego 1958
WR Franson

Jefferson Ice Company, The
  Chicago 1927-1929, 1933-1936
WR Franson

Lightning Strikes the Lighthouse
  Escanaba, Michigan 1906
WR Franson
Low Flying Planes, Subway Trains and Automobiles A Brown
Luck versus Auto Accidents
  With Some Scrapes and Escapes
WR Franson
Lunchtime on Wall Street
  Love, Death, Food and Questions of Dress
K Resta

My First Car
  1927 Chevrolet Coupe
WR Franson

NASA Schooldays
  Houston, Texas
A Cox

Of Cats and Freaks K Spell
Old Route 66
  1932, 1934, 1946
WR Franson
On Being Part Native SE Jordan
Owl Cam
  The Watch-Owl at Work
RW Franson

Pilots' Proverbs
  Parental Wisdom Brought Down to Earth
RW Franson
Places Not for Reading
  Hypothetical Print-Hostile Environments
RW Franson
Plywood Mill
  Springfield, Oregon 1951
WR Franson

Sandy River Service Station
  Troutdale, Oregon 1938-1939
WR Franson
Schooling by Rubber Hose
  Joetown, West Virginia, circa 1912
PL Monroe
Street Fireworks in the 1920s
  Chicago, July 4th, circa 1925
DL Franson
Strength Through Joy, in Cubicles
  Management versus Communication
RW Franson
Sylmar Earthquake
   Los Angeles 1971
DL Franson

Telemark to Wisconsin
  The Kleven Family,
  Norwegian Immigrants to America
  1842-1843 and After
E Cleven
Three-Day-Pass, A
  Paris, March 1945
DL Franson

U.S. Highway 101, San Diego Coast
  Postcard, 16 July 1938
WR Franson

Were It Not for America
  1940-1945 / 2011
J Myrdal
  Postcard, 8 September 1945
DL Franson

Look what thy memory cannot contain
Commit to these waste blanks, and thou shalt find
Those children nursed, delivered from thy brain,
To take a new acquaintance of thy mind.

William Shakespeare
Sonnets, 77


Robert W. Franson and abandoned auto - Old Route 66 Memorial, Painted Desert, Arizona - Dec 2012


Postcards by Title
flat-carded Scenes of Passage:
in the older manner sent & reviewed in Private
though carried by the Public post

photo, above:
Robert W. Franson
& abandoned automobile
at Old Route 66 Memorial,
Painted Desert, Arizona.
photo by JMF


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