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Atalanta/Bookcase-G/King-David/ we are more interested in excellent or distinctive work than the merely timely or fashionable. Quality is always in season, and often more topical and entertaining than currency or fashion admit. Thus, we aim to refer and amuse, rather than to announce and forget. We avoid spoiling surprises in reviews that recommend; other works take their chances.

The central column below names writers, directors, and/or actors to aid identification. Within reviews, credits are most-significant rather than inclusive. Some film discussions are blended into, or appended to, related book reviews. See PictureLike for a list of book reviews about movies & television.

  • Feature Films are theater headliners, DVDs, or television series;
  • Reels may be one-reel or two-reel films, short films (non-musical), or television episodes;
  • Soundies are shorter musical films of song and/or dance, music videos.

All screen presentations are in color with sound, dialogue in English, unless stated otherwise.

Dentist, The W. C. Fields RW Franson
Derby Day Hal Roach / Our Gang RW Franson
Donald's Ostrich
  [Donald Duck]
Disney / King RW Franson

Electric House, The Buster Keaton RW Franson

Fatal Glass of Beer, The W. C. Fields RW Franson
Fluttering Hearts James Parrott / Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy RW Franson

Golf Specialist, The W. C. Fields RW Franson

How to Govern a Kingdom Suzie Garfield RW Franson

Macintosh 1984
Ridley Scott RW Franson
Music Box, The Laurel and Hardy RW Franson

Olympic Champ, The (Goofy) Disney / Kinney RW Franson
  Changing the Heart of a Nation
Ray Comfort SE Jordan

Vanishing Private, The
  [Donald Duck]
Disney / King RW Franson

Your First Time
  [Barack Obama campaign ad, 2012]
Lena Dunham RW Franson


Caesar [speaking of Antony]:

You are too indulgent. Let's grant it is not
Amiss to tumble on the bed of Ptolemy,
To give a kingdom for a mirth, to sit
And keep the turn of tippling with a slave,
To reel the streets at noon, and stand the buffet
With knaves that smell of sweat.

William Shakespeare
Antony and Cleopatra, 1.4.16-21


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