Schooling by Rubber Hose
Joetown, West Virginia
circa 1912

Memoir by
Paul L. Monroe
September 2010

Raising the stakes

When my father was in junior high school around 1912, there were a couple of real hell-raisers in his class who were always getting sent to the principal's office and getting their butts beat.

Then a new principal came, and instead of a paddle, he used a rubber hose. After one experience with that, they decided that the rubber hose was just too much.

So one day, these guys came to school wearing really old clothes. They picked a fight with the teacher, who threatened to send them to the principal. They didn't back down, so the teacher took them down the hall to the principal's office. The principal got out the rubber hose and told them to bend over. ...

Well, the previous night, these boys had taken the rubber hose, plugged one end up with clay, filled the hose up with liquid feces from the privy, and then blocked the other end with clay. When the principal went to belt them with the hose, the feces splattered all over the office.

It took him two weeks to clean it up.


© 2010 Paul L. Monroe

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