Changing the Heart of a Nation

Review by
Sarah Emily Jordan

Director, Writer, & Host: Ray Comfort

  • young Americans interviewed

Living Waters: 2011

33 minutes September 2012

33 minutes of history & Socratic dialogue

I love history. I love it because we can learn from it. Human beings are unique among the animal world because not only can we learn from our own mistakes but we can learn from other's mistakes as well. One of my frustrations with the current state of our society is that there is an apathy or ignorance or outright refusal to acknowledge history. If we could just realize that the mistakes this country is making have already been made by others and results are known, then we could change course.

I appreciate the efforts made be so many to try to get the truth of history out there so that we as a society may learn from it. I was pleased to be able to watch the movie 180 recently. I'm not going to be giving too much away about it, because I want to encourage others to watch it and experience the impact rather than me trying to explain the impact. I will say this about the movie: it takes history and rational thought and puts it to the viewer in a understandable and important way.

Ray Comfort is the director and host of the film. He does a fantastic job. I look forward to hearing and seeing more from him. He is an apologist, which I had to learn was someone who makes a rational defense of a belief through speech including pointed and direct questioning. Ray Comfort is talented, honest and convincing in his approach.

180 movie is a decidedly pro-life piece. Comfort presents pro-life beliefs from the point of rational questioning. He starts with history. I was initially quite shocked to see the ignorance that so many of his interviewees had towards history and particularly about something as well known as the Holocaust. I dearly hope this is not representative of our society as a whole. He then presents some moral questions about what the interviewees would do in real life situations during the Nazi regime. Again I'm not going to give away much. But please watch the movie, his questions are poignant and I for one expressed some verbal frustration at some of the answers people gave. To sum up my response, there is more to life than life. We have to not just worry about our own lives, but our souls and what legacy we leave behind for the next generations.

Next, Comfort moves on to some moral questions about the value of life. Again, I'm not going to give it away, but he presents these questions in a way I'd never thought of. It was brilliant, and you could see the light turning on in people's minds and hearts. Watch the movie, you will be impressed. I certainly was.

180 movie card The name of the movie is 180. It is called that because of the remarkable turn that several of the interviewees make towards being pro-life. I'm someone who has been pro-life for my whole life, so I didn't exactly need convincing. But I found for myself that I felt even stronger in my stance. It is an amazing presentation.

Ray Comfort ends the piece with speaking about Christianity. Again for me this is an already decided issue; however his presentation was strengthening for me as well.

I highly recommend this movie for anyone, pro-life, pro-choice or still deciding. It is an excellent piece, powerfully presented. You can see it by going to 180movie.com. See it, and pass it on. It is a message to be shared.


© 2012 Sarah Emily Jordan

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