Capitol Oil Wells, Oklahoma City
Postcard on Cross-Continent Road Trip, 1946
14 May 1946

Postcard from
Wilfred R. Franson


May 1946

Postcard text - Capitol Oil Wells, Oklahoma City, 14 May 1946 - Wilfred R. Franson (small)

Yukon, Okla.
May 14, 1946

Dear Folks:

We were delayed
for a day in
Oklahoma City by
generator trouble, but
everything is fixed up
now, and we are again
Westward bound.



[ To: ]

Mrs. Robert Franson
21835 Roscoe Blvd.
Canoga Park,

Postcard photo - Oil Wells on State Capitol Grounds, Oklahoma City (small)

[ Obverse: ]

Oil Wells on
State Capitol Grounds,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Also: a prewar b&w photo of
Oil Derricks, Oklahoma State Capitol
from the
Oklahoma Historical Society


Notes by RWF:

The car with generator trouble was a 1936 Buick sedan, recently purchased.

I've seen these oil wells pumping industriously on the State Capitol Grounds in Oklahoma City. It's a joy to see a state government appreciating the value of American-produced energy.

© 2012 Robert Wilfred Franson

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