Milwaukee City Hall
US Army Flight Schools Postcard
25 May 1945

Postcard from
Vera Howe Franson
May 1945


[ Postmark: Charleston, South Carolina, 25 May 1945 ]

Postcard text - Milwaukee City Hall, 25 May 1945 - Vera Howe Franson (small)


Dear Bill —
we were here.


[ To: ]

Cpl. W. R. Franson 19170807
563rd AAFBU, 2nd OTU
Sec. D, Ground Sch. Student
Homestead, Florida

Postcard photo - Milwaukee City Hall, 25 May 1945 (small)   
City Hall,
Milwaukee, Wis.

The building patriotically carries a three-line banner:

Enlist in
the famous
U.S. Marines


Notes by RWF:

Wilfred R. Franson, a U.S. Army Air Forces instructor in celestial navigation for pilots at Charleston, South Carolina, was attending a school at Homestead Army Airfield in Florida. His wife Vera Howe Franson, for a period a civilian instructor in celestial navigation for Army pilots, remained at Charleston.

Some Army acronym hierarchy:
ATC: Air Transport Command
AAFBU: Army Air Forces Base Unit
OTU: Operational Trainng Unit

Wikipedia articles on Florida World War II Army Airfields
and specifically Homestead Army Airfield (later Homestead Air Reserve Base)

Vera Franson's use of "w", initial letter of Wilfred, replacing "u" as an abbreviation for "you" in the common postcard catch-phrase wish you were here, is a deliberate typographical pun.

Vera was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; hence her sending a hometown postcard from where she lived during the latter years of World War II.
Milwaukee City Hall at Wikipedia

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