High School Student
Pursing Carrer


Illuminant by
Robert Wilfred Franson


March 2001


Here's the title of a posting to a computer-related discussion list on the Internet:

    High School Student Pursing Carrer

Which only can mean ...

  • Parsing: working out the meaning of a text, for instance Chaucer's "The Parson's Tale".
  • Pursing (1): what a purser does on a ship, handling paperwork and entertainment.
  • Pursing (2): making women's purses, like a glover makes gloves, but with lots more room.
  • Pursing (3): sticking out one's lips, purselike.
  • Pursuing: chasing something that recedes into the distance.

Thus, pursing or pursuing (or even Parsoning) a goal or status such as ...

  • Carrere: Tia Carrere, an actress.
  • Carrera: Asia Carrera, another actress.
  • Carrier: a common carrier, like FedEx, but more common, i.e., they lost your purse.
  • Career: an out-of-control common plunge, as when you throw your purse off a bridge.
  • Carrer: a caring person (or Purser on a common carrier);
    one who cares better than he spells.

We send our good wishes in the pursing of carrer, and even to pursuing career or careers, however distant; but not to extend to spelling reform.


© 2001 Robert Wilfred Franson

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